New Timor-Leste expedition

Intrepid debuts new Timor-Leste expedition

MARCH 2023

A Diverse Exploration of Southeast Asia’s Newest and Least-Visited Destination

New for 2023, Intrepid is launching a specially designed itinerary to discover the local Timorese way of life and undiscovered land. The new 9-Day Timor-Leste Expedition will be a fully inclusive trip, with provided meals, transportation, accommodations and activities. With a company mission to innovate beyond traditional tourism destinations and deliver travelers unique experiences in less-frequented parts of the world, Intrepid has created the remote trip to ignite new opportunities for adventure and connection.  

Intrepid’s new trip was carefully developed in partnership with Market Development Facility (MDF), a multi-country initiative promoting sustainable economic growth, with the purpose of supporting local communities, expanding the potential of tourism in Southeast Asia and delivering travelers alternative destinations for culturally rich and wildlife-dense adventure travel experiences. 

Intrepid’s new 9-Day Timor-Leste Expedition (from 2,805 USD) will depart for the first time on October 15, 2023.  Highlights include:  

  • Hiking to the summit of Mt Ramelau, Timor-Leste’s tallest mountain, at sunrise. 

  • Snorkelling from local fishermen’s boats at Atauro Island, a global hotspot for whales and dolphins with the most biodiverse marine protected coral reefs in the world.   

  • Enjoying a local homestay to experience Timorese hospitality and daily life. 

  • Discovering the capital of Dili, sampling traditional food, visiting the Tais market to learn about this traditional textile, and learning about the country’s complicated history during several tours, museum and cemetery stops.   

  • Exploring local coffee farms, plantations and cafes to learn how coffee is produced here and understand its importance to local culture. 

  • Visiting several social enterprises dedicated to supporting and empowering the people of Timor-Leste, including the Alola Foundation, an NGO aiming to improve the lives of women and children by addressing problems relating to education, economic development, maternal and child health, and gender inequality.  

 In 2002 after centuries of colonialism, Timor-Leste, the only Asian country entirely in the Southern Hemisphere, gained independence. Influenced by many distinct cultures, this developing nation is home to a unique set of traditions and beliefs. It is well known for its unmatched natural beauty, boasting stunning beaches, towering mountains, untouched coral reefs, and a wide range of endemic species including sea turtles, rare spotted cuscus, monkeys, and tokays, one of the world’s largest lizards. 


Photos can be downloaded here with credit to Intrepid Travel.   

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