Does it snow in Atlanta?

January is the coldest month in Atlanta with an average low temperature of around 0°C and while snow isn't unheard of, it's highly unlikely. Snowfall generally isn't expected annually, in fact, snow hasn't fallen in the last couple of years in Atlanta. If it does happen, it's likely to fall in the month of January as that is the month that experiences the coldest temperatures. Having said that, snow can fall in the other months of winter too however, the amount of snowfall is usually very little with only around 2.9 inches expected. 

The highest snowfall ever recorded in Atlanta was in 1940, with 8.3 inches of snow accumulated on a single day. 

What's winter like in Atlanta? 

Winter in Atlanta might not be the most popular time to travel to this extraordinary city but that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit during December, January, or February. The weather in winter is actually fairly mild with temperatures around 13°C during the day but nights are likely to get colder. February is the winter month that's expected to receive the most rain at 4.83 inches on average; however, cold, sunny days are still the norm. 

Various activities and occasions don't stop in the winter months with food and drink festivals quite common. 

What should I pack for winters in Atlanta?

Winter in Atlanta is relatively mild compared to other states with temperatures unlikely to reach freezing levels. However, you should still pack winter-appropriate clothing like pants, long shirts, sweaters, coats, thermal tops, beanies, scarves, and gloves to ensure you're warm throughout your trip. While the winter months aren't the ones with the most rainfall expected, it can still rain quite heavily, so be prepared with an umbrella if you plan on spending time outside. 

You should also pack weather-appropriate shoes, such as boots or gumboots, as well as thick socks, to keep your feet warm and protected from the elements. 

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