Glasgow is unlikely to receive snow at all due to its location on the West Coast of Scotland, if it does snow its generally between November and April.

Glasgow snow 

The climate in Glasgow is considered to be a moderate sea climate with cold-freezing winters and relatively mild and sunny summers. Average temperatures in winter are around 3°C but that can reach as freezing as -8°C at night during the coldest month of the year (December). While the temperature during the day might not be considered freezing compared to other parts of the UK in winter, often the wind and humidity can intensify the temperature, leaving you feeling as if it's colder than it actually is. 

How often does it snow in Glasgow?

The snow season generally starts in November and ends in April but, while temperatures can get pretty low in winter, snow is not always expected. In fact, it's pretty unlikely for Glasgow to receive snow at all, and when it does, for it to stick around long enough to enjoy it. 

The last recorded snowfall in Glasgow was in February 2021 when Storm Darcy created heavy weather conditions and snow for a couple of days. However, with global warming driving temperatures higher, snowfall is expected to get less and less unlikely as the years go on. 

What's the weather like in winter in Glasgow?

Instead of snowy days, the weather in winter sees days of cold temperatures and rainfall. While some days during December, January, and February can be quite clear and sunny, albeit cold, it's more likely to experience strong, chilling winds and rainy days that can sometimes last more than 24 hours. Below are the average temperatures in winter in Glasgow:













What to pack for winter in Glasgow

As we've previously mentioned, winter in Glasgow is quite cold with days likely to see strong winds and rainfall while temperatures go past freezing at night. To make sure you're fully prepared for the sometimes unpredictable weather, you should pack coats, jumpers, long pants, and long-sleeve tops so you can layer up, as well as any waterproof clothing such as jackets and comfortable shoes such as wellies. You should also pack socks to keep your feet warm and beanies and scarves to warm up the rest of your body. You can also pack an umbrella but it might break in strong winds. 

You should also consider packing a reusable, thermal container or drink bottle to keep hot liquid in so you're full and warm while you're sightseeing. 

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