While you can enjoy spectacular vistas of Antarctica from your ship, getting off the boat and setting foot on the Peninsula is a great way to discover remote alcoves and hidden valleys.

Snowshoes are lightweight, traditional mode of transport that were originally used by indigenous North Americans in polar terrain. Because of how wide and light they are, they are an excellent method of crossing deep snow and accessing areas that are normally not accessible to people on foot. So, strap on your snowshoes and prepare for the ultimate Antarctic activity.

What to expect

If you book snowshoeing for your Antarctic expedition, there may be multiple opportunities to enjoy this activity – it all depends on the weather. Each snowshoeing excursion lasts up to three hours and is designed for all abilities, led by an expert guide.

Secure your place

Snowshoeing is offered as an optional activity on many of our Antarctica voyages. Simply ask our team on board the ship and they’ll be able to assist you with further information.

What fitness level is required?

No previous snowshoeing experience is required to participate but it’s generally recommended that you have an average level of fitness, as you’ll be walking for three hours through the snow. If you enjoy hiking trails and walking you will usually be fit enough to enjoy this activity.

Is equipment provided?

Yes, snowshoes and ski poles are provided, and we recommend you bring and wear clothing that is suitable for the polar regions, such as thermal underwear, a breathable jacket, thick socks, sunglasses and a backpack.

Safety and qualifications

Our highly qualified polar guides have years of snowshoeing experience in polar regions and all hold relevant mountain instruction and safety certifications.

We recommend you ensure your insurance policy covers snowshoeing within a polar region when you book. An additional policy or premium may be required to ensure you are adequately covered.


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