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Ever dreamed of exploring the ends of Earth? Cast off to the extremes of the globe and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves – all from the comfort of purpose-built polar vessels. Experience the rush of unique polar activities – from camping and hiking to kayaking and the polar plunge – witness brilliant natural phenomena and wildlife and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions. Explore our most current deals to the incredible Antarctica below for the 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 season.



Antarctica 2023/4 Season: Up to 30% off

Lock in a trip to the Great White Continent and save up to 30% on 2023/24 voyages on-board the Ocean Endeavour. You could be spotting penguins waddling across icy plains, searching for whales in the crystal waters, or even setting foot on the continent itself. Terms and Conditions apply.

Up to 20% off

Save up to 20% off 2023/4 voyages to Antarctica. Terms and conditions apply.

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Antarctica 2024/5 Season: Up to 20% off

Explorers have heard the call of Antarctica for centuries, and now it's your turn! See the great seventh continent from the comfort of the Ocean Endeavour and head out on the experience of a lifetime. Book now and save up to 20%* on 2024/25 expeditions. Terms and Conditions apply.

Save up to 20% off the 2024/5 season. Terms and conditions apply.

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  1. Cyber Sale offers apply to new bookings made and deposited between 12:01am EST November 20 2023 to 11:59pm PST December 04 2023, for all Intrepid Travel’s Antarctica Ocean Endeavour departures between November 20 2023 – March 30 2025. 


  1. The following discounts apply:


A) 30% discount on CAT 4 –10 on the following Ocean Endeavour departure: 

  •  OE4-4 | Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (GQMDE): 09 December 2023. 


B) 20% discount on CAT 4-10 on the following Ocean Endeavour departures: 

  • OE4-5 | Best of Antarctica: White Christmas (GQMAC): 18 December 2023; 

  • OE4-6 | Best of Antarctica: In Depth (GQMAW): 27 December 2023; 

  • OE4-9 | Journey to the Antarctic Circle (GQMCN): 05 February 024; 

  • OE4-10 | Best of Antarctica: Whale Journey (GQMWJ): 17 February 2024; 

  • OE4-11 | WWF Journey to the Antarctic Circle & Giants of Antarctica (GQCWF): 26 February 2024; 


C) 15% discount on CAT 1 – 7 & 20% off CAT 8-10 on the following Ocean Endeavour departures: 

  • OE5-1 | Shackleton’s Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Expedition (GQMSE): 30 October 2024; 

  • OE5-2 | Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness (GQMDW): 18 November 2024; 

  • OE5-3 | Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness (GQMDW): 27 November 2024; 
  • OE5-4 | Best of Antarctica in Depth (GQMAW): 06 December 2024; 
  • OE5-5 | Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (GQMDE): 18 December 2024; 
  • OE5-6 | Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (GQMDE): 27 December 2024; 
  • OE5-12 | Best of Antarctica: Whale Discovery (GQMDJ): 09 March 2025. 


D) 10% discount on CAT 1 – 7 & 15% off CAT 8-10 on the following Ocean Endeavour departures 

  • OE5-7 | Ultimate Antarctica: Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Circle (GQMUA): 05 January 2025; 

  • OE5-8 | Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (GQMDE): 26 January 2025; 

  • OE5-9 | Journey to Antarctic Circle (GQMCN): 04 February 2025; 

  • OE5-11 | Journey to the Antarctic Circle (GQMCN): 25 February 2025. 


  1. This discount offer applies to the expedition cruise price only and does not apply to land tours, additional pre-booked adventure activities, booked on-board activities, flights, additional accommodation, transfers, travel insurance, local payments nor can it be combined with any other offer or discount. 


  1. Offer applies to USD and CAD bookings only. 


  1. All discounts apply to the full gross price and are subject to availability. Pricing is per person and compulsory single supplements may apply for certain cabin types. 


  1. Cabins and dates are subject to availability and confirmation by Intrepid Travel.  


  1. Offers may be withdrawn or amended at any time. Deal available unless sold out. 


  1. Normal deposit and final payment amount and payment dates apply.


  1. If you wish to cancel and rebook your trip or change dates, a loss of deposit will occur, and you will be required to pay the full deposit towards the new trip. If the new booking is made outside of the originally specified booking and travel dates, please be aware that no discount will be applied to the revised booking. 


  1. Except as expressly mentioned above, Intrepid Travel's Terms & Conditions relating to Antarctic expeditions on the Ocean Endeavour apply. Click HERE for more details.


  1. Intrepid Travel's vaccination policy is applicable at the time of travel. 


Last Minute Antarctica Voyages

Departing Days From EUR
9 Dec 2023
Best of Antarctica: Wildlife Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)
11 8000
18 Dec 2023
Best of Antarctica: A White Christmas (Ocean Endeavour)
11 8000
27 Dec 2023
Best of Antarctica In Depth (Ocean Endeavour)
14 9730
8 Jan 2024
Shackleton's Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer (Ocean Endeavour)
21 15730
5 Feb 2024
Journey to the Antarctic Circle (Ocean Endeavour)
14 11680
26 Feb 2024
WWF Journey to the Circle and Giants of Antarctica (Ocean Endeavour)
14 10770
18 Nov 2024
Best of Antarctica: Pristine Wilderness (Ocean Endeavour)
11 7180




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