What to drink in the Galapagos Islands

Quench your thirst after a glorious day spent exploring the Galapagos by sipping on a glass of canelazo, horchata tea, or freshly made fruit juice.

During your cruise around the islands, it makes sense to try as many traditional Ecuadorian drinks as you can, especially since there are heaps to choose from.

Whether you're partial to something alcoholic or prefer to sip on something fruity, we've put together a list of the beverages you must try while in the Galapagos Islands.

1. Pilsener beer

Consumed almost like water among the locals of Ecuador, Pilsener beer offers a sweet flavour profile that's perfect for optimum refreshment. Recognised as the national beer of Ecuador and made by Cervecería Nacional, this alcoholic drink is served cold making it perfect after spending time in the heat of the Galapagos Islands. 

2. Canelazo

Heralding from the Andean region, canelazo is found all over the country and is made from boiled water, sugar cane alcohol, lemon or orange, sugar, and cinnamon (although recipes can differ slightly from place to place).

The perfect drink to help warm you up if those cool Ecuadorian nights have you feeling a bit chilly, this fiesta drink combines the right amount of sweet and sour and will have you thinking about your second glass before you've even finished your first. 

3. Aguardiente

Aguardiente, or 'firewater', is an acquired taste. But when it's considered to be the national drink of Ecuador, you have at least to try it on your holiday. Affectionately nicknamed firewater because of its propensity to leave a burning sensation behind as it makes its way down your throat, this drink will not only kick start a big night of fun but also give you a taste of what true locals drink at their own parties and family get-togethers. 

4. Fresh fruit juice

You can't go to the Galapagos Islands and not gorge yourself on a fruit juice or twenty, especially when the islands are known for their uniquely tropical fruits. Whether you feel like sipping on a smoothie made from the Guanabana fruit (if you think it tastes good, then you should see the way it looks) or want to try a combination of maracuya (passionfruit), naranjilla, and babaco, you'll never go thirsty in the Galapagos.

5. Colada de Avena con Naranjilla

You're bound to feel like a real local when sipping on a glass of Colada de Avena con Naranjilla - a drink formed with oatmeal, cinnamon, brown sugar, and naranjilla fruit. Perfect as a breakfast accompaniment or an afternoon snack due to its filling nature, this liquidy staple is usually given to kids but it's well worth a try when you're cruising around the islands.

6. Horchata tea

You'll be feeling better than ever when sipping on a cup of Horchata tea thanks to its blend of medicinal herbs and spices.

Just what the doctor ordered to help soothe and calm you, this pinky, purple-y tea is made up of carnation, chamomile, lemongrass, mint, and roses (among others) that leaves you with a fruity and aromatic taste on your tongue.

But this tea doesn't just taste good. With anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties, you'll feel ready to tackle the rest of your Galapagos Islands cruise. 

7. Chicha de piña

If you've spent hours outside in the hot Ecuadorian sun then a glass of chicha de piña is exactly what you need. Refreshingly made with pineapple, copious amounts of sugar, and a variety of spices, this drink bursts with flavour and guarantees to have your tastebuds tingling in the best way. 

8. Colada Morada

If you're not travelling to the Galapagos Islands during late October/early November, then you might not get served a glass of Colada Morada but we think it deserves a spot on this list because of how good it is.

Traditionally served on Day of the Dead (2nd November) as a way to honour passed loved ones, this drink consists of blue or black cornflour, a variety of fruits (think Andean blackberries and pineapple rinds), babaco, naranjilla, and sweet pepper among other ingredients.

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