What to pack for a week in Devon

If you’re going on a trip to Devon, you’ll most likely be spending time lots of time outdoors along the coast and in the countryside. What you should pack depends on when you're visiting and the activities you'll be doing. Devon is quite warm in the summer, so t-shirts, shorts and dresses are all suitable. However, you’ll still want to bring a light jacket and a few warm layers as the temperature can drop in the evening when a sea breeze rolls in. For winter trips, you'll need plenty of warm layers to keep you snug and dry – think long-sleeved tops, a windproof and waterproof coat, a scarf and gloves. No matter what time of year you travel to Devon, it’s always a good idea to bring an umbrella as, like the rest of the UK, the heavens can open at any time.

In case you don't know where to start, here's a list of packing essentials to see you through a week in Devon.

1. Walking boots or shoes

A sturdy pair of walking boots or trainers are essential, especially if you’re walking along the Jurassic Coast or exploring Dartmoor National Park. You’ll need shoes with decent grip as the rocks and mud can be quite slippy when it rains. Don’t make the mistake of wearing new boots or trainers without breaking them in – pesky blisters are the last thing you want to have to deal with on your trip.

2. Swimming gear

Devon has some stunning beaches, rivers and natural swimming pools, so make sure you don't forget your swimming gear so you can go for a dip. If you’re travelling in the cooler months and don't fancy swimming in cold water, you could bring a wetsuit to make the water temperature a bit more bearable.

3. Lightweight towel

Lightweight towels are amazing for travelling. They dry super fast and roll up into a small ball so you can carry it with you in your day bag and pat yourself down after a swim.

4. Waterproof jacket

If it starts tipping down while you're hiking (which it often does in Devon), you'll need a waterproof jacket. If you’re visiting in winter, you may wish to bring a jacket that is also windproof as the windchill can be quite intense along the coast.

5. Trousers

Comfortable trousers are essential for walking, cycling and other outdoor activities. You can’t go wrong with a pair of sports leggings, shorts or joggers. You might also want to bring a pair of jeans, smart trousers or a smart-casual dress in case you go out for evening drinks or dinner.

6. Warm layers

Whether it's after a swim, in the morning when the air is still fresh or while you're winding down for bed, it's always nice to have a hoodie, cardigan or fleece to rug up and get cosy.

7. Reusable water bottle

Don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle to refill at water stations, cafes and bars. Reusable bottles are much better for the environment than single-use plastic bottles. A thermal bottle or flask is ideal for storing tea or coffee if you want to bring a hot drink with you on a crisp winter day.

8. Daypack

A daypack is a traveller’s best friend. You don’t need anything too big, but big enough to carry your phone, wallet, camera, water bottle and a few snacks. You can get some pretty nifty ones with in-built water sacks to free up your bag space if you plan on doing long walks.

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