Weather in the Cotswolds

The United Kingdom is known for its often cold, overcast, and rainy weather however that doesn't mean it's always easy to predict. While the Cotswolds region (and the rest of the United Kingdom) is likely to experience colder temperatures for the majority of the year, the sun does come out during the Summer months so you can enjoy various outdoor activities. Unsurprisingly, the most popular time to travel to the Cotswolds is during June, July, and August as the weather is at its best with sunny, warm days the norm. 

What's Winter like in the Cotswolds? 

Winter in the Cotswolds is much like Winter in the rest of the United Kingdom, however, the temperature doesn't dip below 0°C (which is a definite plus). Winter mornings are usually crisp and sometimes frosty so it's best to pack clothes you can layer and thick coats to keep you warm. You should also pack scarves, gloves, and beanies to keep you protected against the Winter chill. Rain is also common in the Cotswolds in Winter and can often come on unexpectedly so it's recommended to carry an umbrella when you're out and about. 

The length of days in Winter are shortened to 8 hours so plan ahead to ensure you get to visit the places you want. 

When is the best time to visit the Cotswolds? 

The Cotswolds region has a lot to offer travellers no matter the season they travel in so there really isn't a specified best time to visit. The weather in Spring can be quite sunny and relatively warm although you'll need to look out for potential rain showers (we'd recommend packing an umbrella). Spring is a popular time to travel to the Cotswolds as the rolling fields and expansive landscapes look healthy, lush, and colourful with flowers blooming along lanes and in gardens. Similarly, Autumn is also a popular time to travel to the Cotswolds as nature puts on another colourful display. The weather during these months is relatively mild with sunny mornings, however, low temperatures and rain showers are to be expected.  

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