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Kenya’s iconic, wildlife-filled sights of the national parks and reserves of Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara are within touching distance, while the endless plains of the Serengeti and big five-filled Ngorongoro Crater lie just across the border in Tanzania. Take an educational exploration of the National Museum of Kenya, the Karen Blixen Museum or the Bomas of Kenya, then head out into the sprawling landscapes of the Serengeti, the Masai Mara and seemingly endless national parks that will hold myriad memories.

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Nairobi to Stone Town

Cameron · Traveled April 2024
Would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to go to Tanzania! Fantastically thought out locations with great transport
Review submitted 03 May 2024

Nairobi to Stone Town

Graham · Traveled April 2024
It was the trip of a life and a bucket list item. I thoroughly impressed and totally enjoyed the Intrepid experience. Thank you!
Review submitted 05 May 2024

Road to Zanzibar

Nadine Daniela · Traveled April 2024
Review submitted 07 May 2024

Serengeti Trail

Sarah · Traveled April 2024
This particular Intrepid journey, Serengeti Trails, seemed to lack a certain something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was missing a bit of warmth. If you've travelled with Intrepid before, like myself, you'll know they usually evoke a sense of coming home. There's a warmth and welcome that accompanies their trips. Somehow, this one missed that mark. We were a party of ten in total, five travellers and five crew members, given it was April, a quieter season. Our Tour leader went by the name Tim-Tim, our chef was Jeremy, and our bus pilot was Vincent. Tim-Tim was always brimming with energy, sporting a smile and embodying Intrepid’s unofficial motto, “Hakuna Matata”. Jeremy, our chef, was reliably punctual with delicious and satisfying meals. And lastly, Vincent, our bus/truck pilot, ensured our journey remained smooth despite the bumpy and broken roads. A few points to note: 1. The driving times can be quite lengthy, particularly during border crossings and the return from Tanzania to Nairobi on the tour's final day. Despite breaks, discomfort may persist, so be prepared. 2. Vegetarians and fussy eaters may find themselves disappointed with the food (though it's not the chef's fault). Vegetarian options are challenging to prepare to meet all needs. 3. If you're particular about cleanliness due to OCD tendencies, this tour might not be for you. While not unsanitary, certain practices might not sit well, such as washing beef and non-beef utensils together. 4. Claustrophobic individuals, like myself, might want to consider opting for shared tents. While adequate for two, it can become stuffy with the inclusion of day bags, valuables, shoes, and sleeping mats. 5. Ensure you pack essentials such as mosquito repellent, a torch, headlamp, toilet paper, tissues, a reusable water bottle, a sheet, slippers, waterproof shoes, snacks, and drinks. 6. Network coverage is generally good in most areas, so acquiring a local calling card is advisable. 7. Bring a day bag/camera bag and a smaller bag for the locker behind the seats in the truck. If you must bring a suitcase, like I did, they can fit between seats, but it's best to avoid them if possible, especially with larger groups. 8. I typically choose Intrepid for their blend of local interaction and activities. Regrettably, this trip lacked much in terms of local engagement. 9. Transport in the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti is via 4x4 cruiser, while in Amboseli NP, it's in the Intrepid truck. 10. Be prepared for long days and early starts; this tour is more demanding compared to others. 11. Carry small notes for tipping, as tips are given personally rather than pooled. 12. Don't forget your medication - malaria, antibiotics, diarrhoea, etc. 13. The truck offers charging points, so there's no worry about electronic items running out of battery. 14. Erecting and dismantling tents almost daily (except for the two nights in Serengeti) can be quite taxing. 15. Although Intrepid has been camping in the Serengeti for a few years, I wouldn't recommend ground camping. While fine against hyenas and lions, it's less so against elephants and hippos. No one ventured out of their tents until daybreak! I'd certainly consider trying out the other upgraded versions of Intrepid's Wildlife tours, but this particular one didn't quite meet "THE INTREPID STANDARD" in my opinion.
Review submitted 23 Apr 2024

Vic Falls to Kenya

Susan · Traveled April 2024
Excellent trip. Highly recommend this adventure.
Review submitted 09 May 2024
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We're here to do good by creating positive change through the joy of travel.