We’ve been doing this whole travel thing for quite a while, but for certain specialist groups – like schools – it pays to go to the experts. That’s why we offer dedicated school excursions (let’s call them globetrotting educational adventures) through our sister brand, the Schools Adventure Company. Their job is to match a trip to a curriculum and tailor it to your school’s particular budget and needs. Finally, a company that’s all class (see what we did there?).

Who are the Schools Adventure Company?

The Schools Adventure Company (TSAC for short) began in the UK over 20 years ago. They’re one of the leading school travel companies in the world, built with a simple premise: educational doesn’t have to equal boring. TSAC trips are carefully designed to get students excited about the world. It’s one thing to learn about Angkor Wat or Marrakech in a classroom, quite another to walk through the souks with a local guide, or clamber over ancient Khmer ruins deep in the Cambodian jungle.

What they offer

We know school trips can be quite expensive for parents (and stressful for teachers), so you want to be sure you’re getting value for money. TSAC tours are designed to be 100% hassle-free. They take care of planning the itinerary, organising English-speaking local guides, transport, accommodation, excursions, day trips and plenty of added inclusions. They’ll even help you pitch the trip to your school board, and provide comprehensive briefings for parents and principals alike. These aren’t simple bus tours where students are shepherded quickly past the Top 5 highlights. They’re inspirational and immersive, with a big emphasis on local, off-the-beaten-track experiences; the things you won’t find in any guidebook (or textbook for that matter). It may be chatting with a yogi in India, diving between continents in Iceland or assisting with conservation projects in southern Tanzania.

How they can help

TSAC offers support during every stage of the trip, from brainstorming a relevant itinerary to pre-trip briefing sessions and organizing visas. They’re even experienced in preparing risk assessments, which (combined with comprehensive safety info) can be a real help when it comes to swaying school boards and parents. They can print personalized flyers for distribution at school, organise all the necessary pre-departure information and even deal with flights. That leaves you (and the students) with more time for what’s really important: having an unforgettable and educational adventure.

What to do next

So, you’ve read a little about TSAC and want to learn more? Not a problem. Contact one of our school group specialists and we can start crafting that perfect itinerary. Just phone 1300 375 441 or 0800 449 290. We’re also available online – just email any questions to info@schooladventurecompany.com

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