Meet Martin Cohen, Antarctica expedition guide and polar penguinologist 

written by Intrepid Travel March 2, 2023

“The thing about Antarctica is – and it’s probably what keeps me coming down here – it’s the pure wilderness. It’s pure air, pure water, pure sound. Every day is precious. Sometimes I think… they’re paying me for this job?” 

Wildlife expert Martin Cohen’s passion for the icy continent is infectious. Not only is he a highly-qualified biologist with over three decades’ experience – but he’s a natural storyteller, too. And it’s this ability to share his vast knowledge effectively – while keeping travellers entertained – that makes him the perfect Antarctica expedition guide. Want to understand the feeding habits of minke whales? Curious about krill? Need the inside scoop on seal courtship? He can tell you all you need to know and more. 

But Martin has a story of his own. One filled with ups and downs, love, grief and the occasional poisonous snake. How did this wildlife biologist specialising in tropical creatures end up in Antarctica? Is ‘penguinologist’ really an official title? And what happy circumstances led to him getting drunk with the legend that is David Attenborough?  

Listen to the Seize the Yay podcast 

Intrepid traveller and self-proclaimed lawyer-turned-funtrepreneur Sarah Davidson – aka @spoonful_of_sarah – met Martin on an Intrepid Antarctica Expedition aboard the Ocean Endeavour in 2022. In between Zodiac excursions, penguin spotting and taking the polar plunge on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, she sat down with him to hear more about his remarkable personal and professional journey for her podcast, Seize the Yay.

If there’s one quote from the podcast that sticks with us the most, it’s these wise words from Martin: 

“Live your best life – as much as you possibly can. Don’t put things off. If you want to go and see Antarctica, save up, do it. Do it now.” 

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