5 easy ways to stay fit while you travel

written by Marina Nazario June 20, 2019
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Staying on top of your health and fitness goals is no easy feat when you’re travelling. Especially, when you’re on a group tour. Tight schedules and planned meals make it difficult to find time to drop into a yoga class or seek out a healthy restaurant.

But don’t let that mess up your wellness goals. Travelling doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself. All it takes is a little creativity and a dash of determination. Here are five tips to help you keep your wellness goals on a group tour.  

1. Pack like a pro

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Your health and fitness goals should be packed into a suitcase. Bring the same sneakers and workout clothes you wear at home, with the intention of getting your body moving when you’re on holiday. If you have a jump rope or TRX trainers, roll them up and stuff them in your bag. Resistance or power bands can help strengthen and tone your body without using external weights; you can just loop them around the outside of your carry-on bag. 

Before your trip, save a few quick exercise guides to your phone. Pinterest is a great tool for finding exercises without equipment; you can also use Youtube to find a guided 8-minute, full body workout to squeeze into your day.


Pack your own healthy snacks while you have the suitcase open. If there’s an energy bar or protein powder that you love, bring it with you so that you can refuel properly after your workouts. Of course, BYO eco-friendly water bottle to keep you hydrated during your travels. Shoot for drinking two litres of water each day. Your immune system, metabolism, brain, and energy depend on this chemical masterpiece. 

The more organized and intentional you are before the trip, the easier it is to keep your wellness goals during your trip.

2. Plan your workouts around your itinerary

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Photo by Damien Raggatt.

Once you get your group tour schedule, scan through it and see when you might have time to fit in a workout. If you’re really serious about it, set a reminder on your phone to exercise in a specific time slot. If you’re travelling with a buddy, be transparent about keeping your goals and see if they want to join you.

Don’t be too hard on yourself — if you have a jam-packed day of activities, remember that rest is part of staying on top of your health and fitness goals. There’s a lot of exploring involved on a group tour (your step count might surprise you by the end of the day!).

3. Moderation is key for maintaining a healthy diet

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Photo by Ryan Bolton.

We totally understand how tough it is to maintain a healthy diet. It’s especially tricky to keep your nutrition goals when you’re travelling with a group, and not always able to choose what restaurant you’d like to eat at. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to these situations and remember that moderation is key.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to try something you’ve never had before. How else are you supposed to know what Czechian Svickova tastes like? Or a traditional Samsa in Central Asia? Eating local food helps you experience a place and understand its culture.

Why else would we have trips dedicated to yummy cuisines around the world, such as the Italian Vegan Food Adventure or a Real Food Adventure around Russia? Food is fuel, just try not to overdo it.


4. Get some shuteye

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Photo by Damien Raggatt.

Sleep is essential when you travel. It helps you adjust to different time zones and lets your body recover from full days of activities. Poor quality sleep is associated with worse physical function, meaning it will be tougher for you to have the energy to sneak in a quick work out or spend the day walking around ancient temples if you don’t get enough rest.

We know that alcohol and caffeine affect the quality and quantity of sleep, so keep that in mind when following your wellness goals on holiday. Practice the same bedtime routine you have at home to help you settle into a foreign environment and get enough shuteye. Your body and mind will thank you.


5. Don’t stress about it

People hiking on a mountain in Peru

Photo by Martin Ruffo.

At the end of the day, don’t stress about it. You’re on holiday, exploring a different part of the world with a new group of friends. You can check the physical rating of Intrepid’s trips if you want to take a tour that will push your body to new limits. New Zealand’s South Island is perfect for this: one day you might be river rafting in Queenstown, and the next you might be hiking through a glacier in Franz Josef. Embrace your travel adventures as an experience that contributes to your overall well-being.

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Feature photo by Ryan Bolton. 

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