Greece was spectacular, almost like going back in time. The history of that place is so far-flung from anything else I've ever experienced, it defies belief. Athens in particular was a highlight; incredible sights like the Acropolis reminded me why I wanted to travel there in the first place. Don't even get me started on the beaches; the Aegean waters off Santorini were heavenly.

If you’re planning a trip to France, be sure you pack your taste buds. They certainly come in handy while watching the world go by in a Parisian café, sipping a glass of champagne and overlooking a horizon of rolling vineyards, dining with the locals in a fancy Bordeaux restaurant and picnicking with a bag of baguettes and cheese in a park in Marseille. My French is still limited, but I think I now understand the true meaning of Bon Appetite! 

Overwhelmed by the prolific number of pinxto bars in San Sebastian, we set ourselves the challenge of an all-night-long dinner so we could sample as many establishments as possible. Our rule was one morsel and one drink at each bar, but the food on offer was so scrumptious we broke this rule several times. Caviar spread on hard-boiled eggs, local jamon and sundried tomatoes on olive bread, silky sardines paired with roasted peppers, baked tarts with cheesy crab-filled centres, spectacular grilled artichokes, unbelievable olives -  it was one of the most memorable culinary experiences of my life.