In late 2010 we reached our goal to become a carbon neutral company. A goal that we set ourselves in December 2006 and achieved through our Carbon Management Plan.

Intrepid recognises that climate change is one of the most urgent problems facing our world today. The tourism industry is both impacted by climate change and it's also a sector that's a growing contributor to the problem. As a travel company which creates and promotes holidays within the tourism sector, we see it's our responsibility to ensure that the negative impact we have on global warming is minimised and we work toward sustaining our environment. Therefore, as a business we made a commitment to tackle climate change through the development of our Carbon Management Plan. 

The current offset project we are investing in is the Alize Çamseki wind farm in Turkey. The wind turbines produce approximately 82,000 MWh of electricity each year. In doing so, the wind farm prevents 52,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere each year. For further information check out the project files here.

Our Carbon Management Plan helps us to operate our business in a sustainable manner and address our environmental commitments under the United Nations Global Compact which in turn work toward the 7th Millennium Development Goal: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.
As part of our Carbon Management Plan, we offset our global business carbon emissions (from our offices and retail stores), our trips, and offer carbon offset flights to passengers booking their flights through Intrepid. Through these offsets, significant monetary contributions are being made on behalf of our business, suppliers, staff and travellers to internationally certified carbon abatement projects, equating to over $1 million since 2007.