Ptea Teuk Dong (PTD), in the Battambang region of Cambodia, works to improve the lives of street families, and abused girls. The centre consists of a training centre with 15 dormitories, a school for children and 10.5 hectares of rice fields.

PTD strives to improve the quality of life and restore the dignity of street families and female victims of abuse or trafficking, by preparing and assisting them to reintegrate back into the community. 

Each year PTD aims to assist 20 street families, comprising approximately 150 people, and to help roughly 30 young women by feeding and clothing them as well as providing medication, education and housing. The families receive 10-12 months of training that included vocational skill-building in agriculture, sewing, weaving, food preparation and furniture making. The centre also provides basic education for children. After completion of the program, these families are given a plot of land with a small wooden house as well as start-up capital and supplies for a small business. 

The women have the opportunity to learn skills in sewing, weaving and food preparation while receiving psychological and legal counseling. Once it is determined that it is safe for the women to reintegrate back into their families or communities, they are given a small allowance to help them start up a small business. The women that need to stay at the centre for longer are able to generate income from making handicrafts.

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