Welcome to Asia, the most populous, energetic, exotic and contradictory continent on earth. Across one vast landmass you’ll find sci-fi skyscrapers and whitewashed mountain monasteries, honking moped shoals and silent Taoist temples, neon cityscapes and saffron-clad monks bent in prayer. If you’ve come for the familiar, you’re in for a surprise. When you’re munching deep-fried grasshoppers with white pepper in Thailand, riding across the Mongolian tundra and swimming with Burmese sea-gypsies, you begin to understand: this place is where ordinary goes to die.

New trips in Asia 

It fits that the continent dedicated to progress and reinvention keeps throwing up some fantastic new adventures. This year you can follow the Silk Road through the mountains and valleys of western China, watch fireflies fill the night sky in the Philippines and kayak with dolphins off the coast of Cambodia. Extraordinary never looked so good.

Burma to Thailand

14 days from
USD $2,330
CAD $2,395
AUD $2,355
EUR €1,620
GBP £1,360
NZD $2,625
ZAR R23,575
CHF FR1,960

Travel from Yangon to Bangkok. Visit Golden Rock, stroll through Mawlamyine market, take a boat to Shampoo island and...

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Philippines Island Getaway

8 days from
USD $1,370
CAD $1,415
AUD $1,230
EUR €955
GBP £805
NZD $1,545
ZAR R13,875
CHF FR1,160

Travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido via spectacular Sabang. Cruise the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, island...

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Experience Nepal

10 days from
USD $1,060
CAD $1,095
AUD $1,075
EUR €740
GBP £620
NZD $1,195
ZAR R10,760

Travel from charismatic Kathmandu to some of Nepal’s hidden gems. Explore medieval Bhaktapur, visit the Nuwakot...

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Delhi to Mumbai

13 days from
USD $1,530
CAD $1,580
AUD $1,550
EUR €1,065
GBP £895
NZD $1,725
ZAR R15,515
CHF FR1,295

Travel from Delhi to Mumbai. Ride a rickshaw through the country’s capital, see the glorious Taj Mahal, enjoy a...

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Classic Taiwan

9 days from
USD $2,485
CAD $2,640
AUD $2,745
EUR €1,910
GBP £1,640
NZD $3,055
ZAR R24,985
CHF FR2,355

Set out from Taipei to scenic Sun Moon Lake, spectacular Taroko Gorge, the bustling Luodong night markets and the...

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Silk Road - Beijing to Kashgar

12 days from
USD $2,045
CAD $2,110
AUD $2,070
EUR €1,425
GBP £1,195
NZD $2,300
ZAR R20,675
CHF FR1,720

Discover the famous Silk Road on this unforgettable journey through China. Explore from Beijing to Kashgar via Xi'an,...

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China Uncovered

23 days from
USD $6,300
CAD $6,500
AUD $6,375
EUR €4,385
GBP £3,685
NZD $7,100
ZAR R63,810
CHF FR5,310

Travel from modern Kunming to historic Beijing. See the unique Danxia landform in Shaxi, cruise down the Yangzi River...

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Classic Yunnan

11 days from
USD $1,970
CAD $2,035
AUD $1,995
EUR €1,370
GBP £1,155
NZD $2,220
ZAR R19,970
CHF FR1,660

Travel around the beautiful Yunnan Province. Discover charismatic Kunming, walk the quaint streets of Dali and be...

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Cambodia - Hike, Bike & Kayak

9 days from
USD $1,225
CAD $1,265
AUD $1,240
EUR €855
GBP £715
NZD $1,380
ZAR R12,410
CHF FR1,035

See the best of Cambodia, and learn about its fascinating history and customs, as you cycle, trek or paddle through...

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Classic Korea

10 days from
USD $4,515
CAD $4,660
AUD $4,570
EUR €3,145
GBP £2,640
NZD $5,090
ZAR R45,745
CHF FR3,805

Travel to South Korea and experience the eclecticism of Seoul, the serenity of Mt. Seorak National Park, Buddhist...

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Ladakh Explorer

10 days from
USD $2,335
CAD $2,410
AUD $2,365
EUR €1,625
GBP £1,365
NZD $2,635
ZAR R23,675
CHF FR1,970

Journey through India's Ladakh region to see stunning vistas from Shanti Stupa, drive through the majestic Nubra...

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Treasures of Sri Lanka

15 days from
CHF FR1,985
USD $2,355
CAD $2,430
AUD $2,385
EUR €1,640
GBP £1,380
NZD $2,655
ZAR R23,875

Travel across Sri Lanka to learn about the origins of local Buddhism, witness the breathtaking vistas of World’s End...

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Night Sky and Caravan Trail

8 days from
CHF FR1,125
ZAR R13,505
NZD $1,485
GBP £750
EUR €930
AUD $1,255
CAD $1,375
USD $1,270

From Marrakech we drive over the Atlas and along the Draa Valley to the Sahara where camels, desert camps and...

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