Intrepid adopts the following principles to manage our environmental footprint in all offices and stores around the world:

  • Measure - We currently measure emissions from electricity, gas, waste, business travel and water. We have a comprehensive Carbon Assessment Worksheet that's completed annually by our global offices.
  • Avoid - We adopt a number of energy efficiency measures including, but not limited to, automatic computer shut down at 8pm in our head office and Skype conferencing rather than travelling for face-to-face meetings.
  • Reduce - We have significantly reduced paper waste and waste to landfill; many offices adopt a comprehensive recycling plan and we have reduced the number of business trips taken by management and staff on an annual basis.
  • Offset - Whatever emissions can't be avoided are offset by our investment in high-quality renewable energy projects.
This is how we're greening our office spaces:

  • We're using 100% Green Power energy (where available) in our offices and retail stores.
  • 'Reduce, reuse and recycle' policies for our paper usage. All office paper and paper products are recycled where possible and we purchase Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited or similarly sustainably sourced paper. Double-sided printing is the default setting on all printers.
  • We have implemented a Waste Management System at head office which has dramatically reduced what we send to landfill and maximised what goes off for recycling.
  • We're conscious that our brochures consume a lot of paper, so since 2000 we've had an annual tree planting day. In the last year, staff and travellers planted over 1,100 trees and shrubs.
  • We have our very own worm farm and bokashi bins that composts all our fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags and coffee grounds.
  • We have reviewed our lighting and have successfully 'de-lamped' unnecessary bulbs.
  • We have regular presentations for staff on sustainability matters including topics such as waste reduction, sustainable seafood options and ethically sourced paper.
  • Intrepidites are a pretty active bunch and many walk or cycle to work. We encourage the use of public transport.