Intrepid partners with Kaptio

Innovation with purpose: Intrepid Travel advances in multi-day travel technology with Kaptio partnership


Intrepid Travel, a global pioneer in adventure and responsible travel, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Kaptio, a leading end-to-end, multi-day tour management software company. Both Intrepid and Kaptio share a commitment to innovative, mission-driven technology that will shape the next generation of travel experiences.

Futureproofing Intrepid's business

Intrepid Travel, coming off a record sales year in 2023, is embracing digital transformation as part of its ambitious growth strategy to cater to a travel-hungry world.

As a certified B Corp, Intrepid is committed to balancing purpose with profit, with its mission to create positive change through the joy of travel. The partnership with Kaptio is a strategic decision to future-proof their business with robust, scalable technology. Kaptio's platform, built on Salesforce, is designed to enhance operational efficiency, handling high-volume bookings and intricate, personalized itineraries.

Likewise, Kaptio is thrilled to partner with Intrepid to bring their reservation platform and e-commerce API to Intrepid’s global reach. Intrepid operates more than 1,000 trips globally, on all seven continents. Over the past year, the two companies have worked seamlessly to craft a partnership that focuses on developing solutions for the evolving landscape of travel technology and that meet Intrepid’s needs for responsible business.

Strategic long-term partnership and growth opportunities

Both Intrepid and Kaptio are committed to a long-term partnership, aligning with Intrepid’s vision to expand into a billion-dollar travel company. The collaboration is a response to the urgent need for technological advancement in the sector, transitioning from outdated systems to modern, efficient solutions.

"At Kaptio, we understand that true success lies in the tangible benefits our solutions bring to our partners,” says Viðar Svansson, Kaptio´s CEO. “With Intrepid, our goal is to simplify and modernise their operations in the backend, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable moments. We’re not just a vendor, but a strategic partner.”

Anu Karunatilaka, Chief Technology Officer at Intrepid continues: “By eliminating manual processes for our teams and streamlining routine tasks, we aim to enhance the overall booking and travel experience for our customers and are excited about the potential growth in both existing and new segments.”

Predicted impact and technological leap

The Kaptio Travel platform is forecasted to increase online, direct, and repeat bookings for Intrepid. Ragnar Fjölnisson, Kaptio’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer, adds, “This partnership marks a significant technological leap in the travel industry, ensuring sustained innovation and adaptation for one of the world’s most ambitious travel brands.”

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