Collection Notice – Registration form for Wildland Trekking trip

In order to confirm your booking, we request that you fill in the annexed registration form. The purpose of the registration form is to ensure that you have booked a suitable trip.

As we are a large international group, your information may be shared within the Intrepid Group and any of our related entities worldwide. Specifically, we may share your registration form with The Wildland Trekking Company Group of companies (Wildland Trekking). Wildland Trekking is a 100% owned subsidiary of Intrepid Group Pty Limited.

What purposes is your personal information collected for?

We may collect, hold, use and share your completed registration form with Wildland Trekking for the following purposes:

  • the registration form will collect personal health information, such as your height, weight, medical history and ask you questions related to your physical capabilities to ensure that the trip you have booked is suitable;

  • the registration form will ask you if you have ever experienced, or presently suffer from, allergies (particularly severe or life-threatening allergies), high blood pressure, anxiety and/or depression, asthma, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and request a record of your prescribed medications to ensure that the trip you have booked is suitable;

  • if you provide us with personal health information, this will be used in the event of a medical emergency to ensure any specific needs you may have are catered for on your trip; and

  • providing information to governments or local authorities where required by law to do so.

What purposes is your personal information collected for?

We may share your personal information, as follows:

  • in order to manage and confirm your booking we may share your registration form with Wildland Trekking;

  • your completed registration form is integrated for our assessment through our third party software provider; and

  • where authorised or required to do so by law, or with insurance providers or medical personnel.

Access to your personal information

You can ask us for access to your personal information and to correct any inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information we hold about you by contacting us on the information set out in the ‘Contact Us’ section below.

Where possible we will comply with your request, however, there may be instances where we cannot fulfil your request. We will always communicate with you any consequences before going forward, or give you written reasons for any refusal (where we able to do so under applicable law).

How to contact us

You can review our Privacy Policy here: Intrepid Travel Privacy Policy | Intrepid Travel for more information about how we collect, handle, process, disclose or store your personal information.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or are concerned about how we have handled your personal information, you can contact our privacy team via the form below.

Submit an enquiry

One of our Privacy Officers will contact you within a reasonable time frame after receiving your enquiry or request to verify who you are in order to locate any accounts or bookings you may have with us or ask any follow up questions to better understand your enquiry.

What if we didn't collect this personal information?

It is your right not to give us any personal and medical information contained within the registration form. However, if you choose not to, we will not be able to confirm your booking.