Intrepid Agent Portal


If you're trying to find the new agent portal click here.

If you're an agency that's already got access to our old system click here to get access to our new agent portal.

If you're an agency that wants to start booking with intrepid click here.

When you make a booking on either of the portals you’ll still be able to see and manage the bookings on both portals. 

While each login is individual on the new portal; when you log in you’ll still have access to all your bookings made in the store.

Any booking you make will still be made against your store. You can find these bookings under the manage bookings tab.

Need help with a booking? Pull up a live chat if you’re having an issue.

Accommodation, Transfers, Urban Adventures, and Single supplements

Note: For any of these extras you can contact the sales team using live chat or calling them.

Easier to use, Individual logins, lots of fixes from the old portal, Update booking information up until the booking has been confirmed, Express Hold (Hold space for customers in under 2mins!), Access to your latest booking invoice, Live Chat