Looking for a beach getaway like no other? Why not consider a holiday in the Philippines? With over 7000 separate islands, this southeast Asian country stretches out across the South China Sea, soaking up more than its fair share of sun, sea and sand. But a holiday in the Philippines can be more than just beaches – take a trip inland to discover some of the world’s most extensive rice terraces, enjoy some of the freshest seafood you’re ever likely to taste, or explore towns that are decorated with unique Spanish-Filipino colonial architecture. 

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The Philippines are still relatively undiscovered when it comes to mass tourism. So we’ll forgive you for not just taking our word for it when we say you need to get there. Instead, have a read through our traveller reviews below to find out what it’s really like to enjoy a Philippines holiday with Intrepid Travel.

Philippine Discovery, May 2017

Bee Wan

Philippine Adventure, April 2017

Robert McLeod

Philippine Discovery, April 2017

Janna Schraven

Philippine Discovery, February 2017

Susan Nottingham

Philippine Adventure, March 2017

ian sterling

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway, March 2017

Kate Sullivan

Philippine Discovery, February 2017

Jacqueline Gaskin

Philippine Discovery, February 2017

Paul Burns

Philippine Discovery, January 2017

Margaret Walton

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway, January 2017

Margaret Walton

Philippine Discovery, January 2017

Bruce Peart

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway, January 2017

Stephen White


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