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Intrepid started over 30 years ago with a bunch of friends road tripping through Africa in a modified-ex council truck, and that’s the same wide-eyed thirst for discovery that powers our Expeditions. These are our most off-the-beaten track trips to new and far-flung destinations. They’re about doing something original, unexpected, and as far from ‘the usual’ as you’re going to get. All it takes is a bunch of like-minded strangers, a local leader and a sense of adventure.

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Eagle hunter rides horse in Mongolia

Our inaugural ‘Intrepid Uncharted’ Expedition sold out so fast we had to bring it back. Our new Altai Mountains Expedition: Kazakhstan to Mongolia is an 18-day adventure through the wilds of Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia – like, really wild. Set off from Nur-Sultan (Astana) and travel to the depths of Russia, before weaving your way into western Mongolia for glacier trekking and other uncharted exploits.

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There aren't many places Intrepid hasn't been, so even if you've got a destination in mind that isn't on our list of Expeditions, our Tailor-Made team is here to help. We'll use our 30 years of experience and regional specialists to help you create your perfect adventure.

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New Women's Expeditions

Introducing Women's Expeditions

We believe travel is for everyone. But in some more conservative countries, there are things mixed-gender groups just can’t do. What if, as a female traveller in Iran, you could head down to the beauty salon with your female leader and get your hair done? The hijab comes off, the conversation is lively, the music is on, and there’s a real chance to connect. These are our new expeditions breaking down cultural barriers and building bridges between women from around the world.

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Stay in a traditional yurt

Meet the Nenet tribe of Russia

Eking out a living on the edge of the Siberian wilderness, Nenet reindeer herders lead a rustic existence far from modern Russia. For the first time, this nomadic tribe is inviting travellers into their home to experience their way of life. Travel from St Petersburg to Salekhard and be hosted in traditional yurt huts, sweat it out in a Russian banya and try your hand fishing on the banks of Horomdo Lake.

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Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Explore the stunning scenery of Pakistan

It's nearest neighbour might be on the regular tourist trail, but Pakistan isn't such an easy adventure. Find nature unleashed in the rarely visited Hunza Valley region. Travel on the famous Karakoram Highway, visit the point where the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush all meet, and take a 4WD safari in of snow leopards, bears and wolves in Khunjerab National Park.

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Camp out in Patagonia

Curling south towards Antarctica, Patagonia is one of the few remaining tracts of unspoiled wildlife on Earth. Discover sprawling glaciers, mountains and wild pastures on a special expedition through Argentina and Chile, including visits to Tronador Volcano and Todos los Santos Lake. While you’ll spend days trekking through incredible landscapes, you’ll also camp on the homestead of a 200-year-old house and soothe your feet in natural thermal pools found deep in the Patagonian forest.

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Jain priests in India

Journey to India’s edge

Everyone knows about the colourful chaos of Mumbai and New Delhi, but few visit the outer reaches of India’s wetlands and mountains. Climb aboard a steam-powered train for a captivating ride through the Himalayas, stopping to track one-horned rhinos through Kaziranga National Park, meet warrior tribes in Nagaland, and pay homage to Tibetan Buddhists in cliff-side villages. Beginning and ending in Kolkata, this is a unique opportunity to explore West Bengal.

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