Swap the slippers for snowshoes and discover the wonders of winter trekking.

Winter doesn’t have to be for staying in and watching TV. Instead, keep your body invigorated and your mind inspired on a Winter Hiking & Snowshoeing tour in some of the world’s most iconic national parks. Offering the chance to experience a destination in a whole new light, our expert-led adventures promise incredible scenery, unique activities, and plenty of local culture and hospitality – all without the peak season crowds. Whether you’re excited by the sight of Yosemite's snow-dusted summits or can’t wait to marvel at crystalised ice flows in the Rocky Mountains, let the magic of winter lead you on the journey of a lifetime.

Why choose Intrepid

An expert hiking and snowshoeing leader

Expert leaders

We'll be hiking in rugged mountain terrain where the weather can shift suddenly, but you can rest assured you're in safe hands. Our hiking and snowshoeing trips are led by experienced local leaders who are specially trained to run winter adventures. Plus, we think the best folks to show you around the heart of a destination is someone who lives there.

A camera capturing a mountain view

Dodge the crowds

If you thought summer was the best time to go on a trekking adventure, think again. Summer trekking often brings hordes of people, queues at all the best viewpoints, and the constant sound of chit-chat and cell phones. In winter, crowds are non-existent and nature takes over, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in your surroundings – even in some of the most iconic destinations.

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Leave the organisation to us

Hiking in winter environments requires more careful planning, but the beauty of joining us on a guided trip is that we organise everything for you – including on-tour transport, hiking permits, local accommodation, delicious meals, and specialist gear (like snowshoes and hiking poles). All you need to do is rock up, lace up your hiking boots and soak it all in.

Our winter hiking & snowshoeing trips

7 Days From 745

Set off on an adventure through the Atlas Mountains, joining an expert guide and small...

6 Days From 2075

Escape the crowds, see incredible views, sleep under the stars, check out waterfalls...

Highlights of our hiking & snowshoeing holidays

A group of powerful bison staring into the camera with a snowy landscape in the background

Spot wild animals in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite might be beautiful in summer, but have you seen it in winter? With layers of brilliantly white snow covering the ground and evergreen trees guiding your way, seek out the park’s animal inhabitants - powerful bison, graceful deer, and muscular grizzly bears just to name a few – during the day and retire to your cosy Airstream accommodation at night. Winter holidays simply don’t get much better than this. 

A person trekking Jebel Toubkal Mountain in Morocco at sunrise

Climb your way up the epic Jebel Toubkal

Have you always wanted to climb up North Africa’s highest peak but been too intimidated to do it on your own? Let our expert leaders take you on a journey to the summit of Jebel Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains on an extraordinary experience you’ll remember forever. With unforgettable views every step of the way and less traffic along the trek to share them with, this winter hiking trip is one for the highlight reel. 

A person snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains in the United States

Marvel at the frozen landscapes of the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park’s landscapes are made even more breathtaking when they’re covered in drifting snow and there’s no better way to explore them than by strapping on a pair of snowshoes and heading out into the white wonderland. From the sparkling sight of a frozen Copeland Falls to the warm lodge waiting for you at the end of a big day, you’re bound to love this wintry corner of Colorado. 

A hiker admiring the views of a snow-dusted Grand Canyon in winter

Hike the Grand Canyon in solitude

With a stunning backdrop of snow-dusted canyon valleys and (almost) no other souls on the trails, this is the Grand Canyon that most don't get to see. On this six-day adventure, you'll hike the epic South Kaibab, North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails, camp in the wilderness beneath the sparkling night skies, walk behind tumbling waterfalls, discover ancient Native American ruins, and so much more.

Snowfall around Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Discover the magic of Yellowstone

Travellers are awe-struck by Yellowstone's otherworldly thermal features, but even more so when snow blankets the park and makes the hissing geysers, bubbling mud pools and steaming vents even more dramatic. Hike across crunchy snow and discover impressive backcountry geysers like Lone Star, marvel at frozen waterfalls and the thermal features that give Firehole River its name, and look out for bison, elk and other wildlife as you traverse snow-covered meadows.

Mt Rainier and its surrounding peaks covered in snow in winter

Explore the enchanting Mt Rainier

Immerse yourself in the unspoiled, wintery wilderness of Mt Rainier National Park as you explore the enchanting landscapes surrounding this epic stratovolcano. Spend your days exploring snow-draped meadows, hiking among towering snow-topped peaks, and discovering frozen mountain lakes and waterfalls. Hikers are outnumbered by wildlife in winter, so you might be lucky to see elk, lynx, deer and maybe a rare wolverine peeking through the forest.

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Winter hiking & snowshoeing FAQs

All these trips are designed in such a way that everyone with a relative level of fitness can join. You do not need any previous snowshoeing or winter hiking experience to take part, but you do need to be fit and therefore you must make yourself familiar with the length, elevation gain, terrain and altitude of the treks included on your itinerary. If you're doing a backpacking trip, you will also need to carry a share of the group's gear. Generally, shorter, and less physically demanding trips with fixed accommodation such as mountain lodges are recommended for newbies, so check our Yellowstone or Rocky Mountain itineraries for inspiration.

Yes, you will be. As safety is our highest priority, we do not let people trek or snowshoe on their own, especially in winter environments where things like snow depth, slope inclination and trail finding can be more difficult than in summer months. However, the group can sometimes be as small as a couple of people plus your expert guide, and your leader will help beginners and experts alike find exactly what they're looking for along the way.

Your guide will always be trekking or snowshoeing with you and the rest of the group, staying in the same accommodation or camping spot, and sharing (in fact, often preparing) all meals with you. That said, all our guides are required to take 8 hours off each 24-hour period to sleep, recuperate and take personal downtime, so we ask our travellers to respect these requirements and to not interrupt their time off or sleep time unless there is a true (life threatening) emergency.

In the mountains the weather has the final say, and your safety is our primary concern. We make amendments to our tour route on the rare occasion that any mountains are shut or have very poor conditions – taking a different trail if at all possible.

We get it, lugging your own gear around, especially when coming from overseas, can be a painful and expensive experience. We can either provide the gear (e.g. snowshoes and poles) or arrange for you to hire it from a local provider when required.

All travellers on an Intrepid trip are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

Travel insurance policies vary, but we strongly recommend double checking with your insurer that they cover ‘adventure activities' such as snowshoeing and trekking in snow, as many popular insurers have this as an optional extra rather than included.

For more information on insurance, please go to our Travel Insurance hub.

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