New Comoros wildlife trip

A new frontier for wildlife tourism: Intrepid Travel launches first trip in Comoros


Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest B-Corp-certified travel company, is launching its first-ever trip on the Comoros Islands – the 121st country in the global tour operator’s portfolio. The Comoros Islands, which sit a few degrees south of the equator off the coast of Eastern Africa, are home to many unique and rare endemic species. 

The 9-Day ‘Comoros Wildlife Expedition’, which begins departures August 2023 starting from $2,867 USD, will depart from the capital city of Moroni before venturing to Itsamia and Mwali, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that is home to the second highest marine diversity in the world. Over the course of a week, travellers will not only see a breadth of wildlife ranging from humpback whales to the Livingston Flying Fox, but also meet several Comorians eager to share their home with travellers. 

In Moheli travellers will sit down with a National Park Ranger to learn about the critical role tourism plays in conservation. They will also enjoy a seafood lunch at “Miki’s Place”, hosted by Miki himself, who eagerly shares stories of the island at his seaside restaurant. All these activities are included in an itinerary designed with natural and cultural immersion at its heart.  

The Comoros expedition is just one of 16 new wildlife trips and experiences Intrepid is launching in 2023. Notable additions include a visit to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust on Day 2 of Vic Falls to Kruger, an experience that will give travellers a rare glimpse into wildlife crime investigations while supporting critical anti-poaching efforts. For the first time Intrepid is also bringing travellers to a gorilla naming ceremony in Rwanda on the 9-day Gorilla Naming Ceremony & Uganda. Intrepid will also be working with local Zambian jewelers who are turning poachers snare wire into jewelry as part of their “Beauty from Brutality” mission, which travellers will now support through a workshop on day 9 of Stone Town to Vic Falls.  

Intrepid has long been a leader in responsible wildlife tourism, designing tours that aid in wildlife conservation and ecological preservation for more than 30 years. Intrepid has been a partner of World Animal Protection since 2010, supporting research on the impacts of tourism on the ground. In 2014 it became the first global tour operator to remove elephant riding on all trips. Intrepid also launched an Animal Welfare Policy Toolkit in 2020 to encourage and assist other companies in ending the exploitation of wildlife in travel and entertainment.  

In addition to launching 16 new experiences and trips for 2023, Intrepid has reviewed and refreshed all 140+ existing wildlife tours to include more opportunities for travelers to get closer to nature and ensure the company maximizes its positive impact on the communities and environment. For more information, and to explore all of Intrepid’s new and refreshed wildlife encounters, visit  

Photos can be downloaded here with credit to Intrepid Travel.   

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