Our guidelines for traveller reviews

We understand that reviews play a critical role in helping you research and make decisions about booking our trips. Reviews are shared by our community to create an understanding of the Intrepid experience.

By posting a review on Intrepid Travel's website, you are agreeing to follow the below guidelines. We are committed to being transparent in all aspects of our business, however, we still have the reserve the right to remove reviews that do not meet the below guidelines.

Our guidelines

1. Have consent of reviewer

Reviews are only displayed if the customer has agreed to share their comments when submitting feedback after a trip. Reviews may be submitted on behalf of multiple travellers if travelling together.  

2. First-hand and original

Spam or reviews that are shared repeatedly, or reviews that don't represent the reviewer's own point of view or that of those they booked with, will be removed.

3. Respectful

All respectful opinions are welcome, even strong ones, and these should be appropriate for people of all ages and cultures.

  • All comments should exclude personal details and not name other travellers or Intrepid employees in a derogatory or defamatory way. We believe that any conversations should be respectful and need to involve the individuals concerned. We encourage you to contact our Customer Relations team with specific feedback if you have specific feedback on an individual.

  • Intrepid will not display comments that pose a personal safety risk to another person, violate privacy rights, or where another traveller has not consented.

  • Reviews should exclude profane, vulgar or obscene language or threatening comments.

4. Relevant and travel related

Reviews should only be submitted after a traveller has completed a trip and be relevant to the trip they are submitted for. Reviews should be complete and provide appropriate advice to others.

  • To keep reviews relevant for your trip planning, we archive reviews that are more than four years old (we have extended this from 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and minimal reviews received in this time).

  • To ensure reviews are complete and provide appropriate advice to others, reviews are recommended to be a minimum of 200 characters. 

5. Non-commercial

We will remove reviews that promote other businesses, mention other brands or companies or contain advertising. 

Reviews will be displayed on our website two weeks after submission, in order to allow us to review the content and ensure it meets the above requirements. Intrepid is unable to publicly reply to any reviews on our website. If you have a serious concern you wish to discuss, please contact our Customer Relations team.