Outdoor adventure with a capital A.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, nature-lover, or just in it for the food and the people (we’re a bit of all three), there’s no place quite like Asia when it comes to outdoor adventure. It’s that feeling of sweating it out in the tropics, quenching your thirst with coconuts and mangoes, refuelling on street food that quickens the pulse like Class III rapids. It’s getting a wave from a rice farmer from back of a mountain bike, the sense of calm at a Kyoto temple, or your first thrilling glimpse of a Himalayan peak. From rafting and canoeing to zip-lining and caving, it all takes place on an epic scale here, and half the fun is what’s happening on the sidelines. Asia is active adventure at its head-turning best.

Active Adventures in Asia

9 Days From €1,250

See the best of Cambodia, and learn about its fascinating history and customs, as you...

10 Days From €1,200

Hike, bike and kayak across Vietnam on this active tour based out of Hanoi. Trek in...

12 Days From €1,455

Travel to Bali and Lombok, two jewels of Indonesia that were made for the active...

9 Days From €1,610

This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your...

12 Days From €1,490

Jump aboard an active tour of Northern Thailand. Visit Bangkok, explore Chiang Mai,...

12 Days From €1,908

Discover the timeless traditions of small-village Myanmar on this active adventure....

9 Days From €1,625

Enter a world of both natural wonder and big city glamour. Admire the majestic beauty...

7 Days From €1,280

Come on an active adventure that takes you to hike on the Great Wall of China, cycling...

12 Days From €1,150

Discover Nepal on this active Himalayan adventure combining trekking, mountain-biking...

13 Days From €1,535

Hike, bike and kayak through Negombo, Sigiriya, Knuckles, Kandy, Hatton, Ratnapura,...

12 Days From €3,645

Step into futuristic Tokyo, travel back in time to the ancient postal towns along the...

12 Days From €1,935

From Rishikesh to Sari, Chopta, Chandrashila and Delhi, hike, bike and raft your way...

11 Days From €1,415

Whether it's on a raft, two feet or two wheels, adventure can be found everywhere in...

Why choose Intrepid

We will give you the best experience on trekking

Adventure is in our genes

We’ve been running our active adventures for over a decade, which means we know the best local suppliers and experts on the ground to give you an exciting and safe experience.

We have experienced local leaders with Intrepid

Experienced Leaders

Don’t know what a carabiner is? No problems! Our experienced local leaders and adventure enthusiasts can help show you the ropes while also showing you the sights.

Safety is our first priority.

Safety First

Whether it’s an included activity or an optional extra, we conduct safety assessments on all our activities to meet local standards as well as our own comprehensive safety policy. 

Learn to ride a bicycle for new adventures with Intrepid

Learn New Skills

Discovering a new destination also means unlocking new skills, like horse riding, canyoneering or mountain biking. Our Active Adventures are uniquely designed to teach you something new (and make you an enthusiast too.)

By choosing to travel with us, you also empower local communities.

Local Matters

We have close relationships with the communities we visit and always use local adventure providers on each of our trips. By choosing to travel with us, you also empower local communities.

We design our trips to be environmentally friendly.

Responsible Travel

We’re not going to ramble through the jungle in a 4x4 vehicle and we won’t ask you to ride an elephant. That’s just not us. We make sure our itineraries are designed in an environmentally friendly way.

Highlights of Asia

H'mong villager in Sapa

Mingle with the H’mong on a hill trek in Sapa

The lush green highlands of North Vietnam have more up their sleeve than just picturesque landscapes. Take to the Hoang Lien Son mountains on foot and be rewarded with captivating snapshots of everyday life; it’s a world that feels a million miles away from the everyday hustle of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. H’mong people emigrated here from China some three centuries ago, and their colourful garb and traditional handicrafts – twisting flax, hemp weaving and indigo dyeing – stands testament to a proud culture.

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Annapurna mountains in Nepal

Hike the foothills of Nepal's Annapurna range

Nepal is an active adventurer's paradise – from mountain biking and whitewater rafting to boat trips. But is there anything more rewarding than tackling the Himalayas the old-fashioned way? Hike through rhododendron and pine forest, past tea gardens and rice fields, and to jaw-dropping lookout points never to be done justice on Instagram. Once you’ve clocked views of snow-capped Machhapuchhare and Annapurna – and interacted first-hand with the Gurung communities around Pokhara – you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

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Cyclists by river at Nara, Japan

Pedal through Japan’s tranquil past

With supermalls, late-night clubs and all-round neon craziness to make the head spin, Tokyo is its own active adventure. But you can’t pound the pavement in the big city forever. Escape to the quieter pockets of Japan to find a whole new – yet very old – Japan, much of which lends itself perfectly to cycling. Escape the temple-gazing travellers in Kyoto by hitting the Kamo River bike trail for a taste of local life. Then, en route to Osaka, detour to the Shima Peninsula to ride along the sea cliffs and check out coastal caves.

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Kayaking in Cambodia

Go kayaking and dolphin-spotting in Cambodia

Angkor Wat gets most of the glory in this neck of the woods, and those who’ve seen it know why. But Cambodia is a case of come for the temples, stay for the dolphins. Or is it the other way around? Your chances of spotting these rare creatures on a locally guided Mekong River excursion are higher than you might think, and the water-based adventures don’t stop there. Kayaking through the spectacular flooded forests around Osvay Village is surely one of this country’s most underrated thrills.

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