When is the best time to visit Snowdonia? 

The best time to visit Snowdonia is between June and August as temperatures are warm and there is usually less rainfall.

Snowdonia is a great place to travel to at any time of year so the 'best' season to go in largely depends on what kind of holiday you want to have. With a temperate maritime climate, this stunning region enjoys mild to warm summers and mild to cold winters with freezing temperatures resulting in a snow season that begins in October and goes until March. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year but does let up a bit during the warmer months so if you're planning on spending the majority of your time outside then summer and spring are the best months to visit Snowdonia. 

Winter in Snowdonia

Best for: snow activities, horseback riding, white water kayaking, hiking/trekking, enjoying hearty Welsh food 

While the days are shorter and often colder in winter, it's still possible to enjoy Snowdonia during the snowy season. Not only does the stunning region get even better thanks to the thin blanket of snow covering mountain peaks, turning Snowdonia into a Narnia-like wonderland, but there are also plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to participate in that are guaranteed to get your heart racing and your body temperature up. These activities include horseback riding and white water kayaking. 

You can also explore the many captivating walks throughout the region and visit a bunch of enchanting waterfalls without fighting the hoards of travellers who flock to these breathtaking spots in the summertime. 

Spring in Snowdonia 

Best for: hiking/trekking, visiting castles and other sightseeing, exploring villages 

Spring is one of the best times to visit Snowdonia as the weather is mild but still warm and the region isn't inundated with the travellers that summer brings. While there is a chance for wet weather during March, April, and May, warm, sunny days are also a possibility with average temperatures sitting around 9°C - 14°C. Snowdonia is full of captivating beauty from its impressive waterfalls to its deep valleys and these natural features are only heightened in spring when the grass gets greener and the flowers start blooming. Because of this, taking a hike or going for a walk is one of the best ways to enjoy Snowdonia in the spring.  

Summer in Snowdonia 

Best for: hiking/walking, visiting castles and other sightseeing, swimming  

If you don't mind travelling during peak season then visiting Snowdonia in summer will ensure you have a fantastic holiday. While you might have to share this region's natural beauty with a bunch of other travellers doing exactly the same thing, the weather in Snowdonia during summer is too nice to pass up. During the months of June, July, and August, the weather is relatively warm with the possibility of some hotter days (temperatures in the high 20°Cs), however, the average temperature during summer sits at around 17°C - 19°C. This is perfect weather to enjoy as much of the beautiful great outdoors as you possibly can with hikes, swimming, and sightseeing some of the best things to do. 

If you're brave enough to face the crowds then visiting castles such as Caernarfon Castle and Conwy Castle is also a great way to experience Snowdonia's history and enjoy its warm, summer weather. 

Autumn in Snowdonia 

Best for: stargazing, enjoying hearty Welsh food, hiking/trekking, adventure activities 

Autumn in Snowdonia can be a nice time to visit the mesmerising region but the weather can be quite unpredictable with warmer temperatures expected during September and cooler weather in October and November. It's also likely that you'll experience consistent amounts of rainfall so be prepared and pack an umbrella if you plan on making the most of Snowdonia's natural beauty. While the weather might not be the greatest, you will avoid the peak crowds of summer so sightseeing becomes easier and more enjoyable, especially as all of the foliage turns a shade of red/orange. 

The average temperatures throughout this season range from 11°C - 17°C so make sure you pack accordingly with warm layers, waterproof clothing, and woolly socks. 

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