We think travel has a special power to connect people. To make friends of strangers, lovers of friends, to bring cultures together. To make this big world feel a little smaller. We want to hear your stories. Have you met anyone special on the road? Shared a special connection? We want to create a groundswell of travel love, so we can prove just how connected this big world really is.

Who are Intrepid trips for?

Our trips are designed for travellers of all ages. Ever heard the term ‘melting pot?’ Of course you have. Thing is, it doesn’t just apply to cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town or Bangkok; it applies to our groups, too. But different doesn’t mean unrelatable. In fact, our passengers have a lot in common: a love of travel, a curiosity about the world and a respect for local communities, cultures and the environment (basically, all the important stuff). 

How old are Intrepid travellers?

You know the saying – the life in your years is far more important than the years in your life. Nowhere is this more applicable than travel. Our trips are for all ages, from the 19-year-old rookie backpacker to the retired couple living out their second adolescence through world travel (an excellent life choice). That being said, our Basix trips generally attract the younger crowd, Premium the older and Original, well, all and everything between. It’s up to you, really.

New friends in fellow adventurers

Small group travel is a fast-track to new friendships, whether you’re hitting the road with your dad, an old bud or riding solo. And not just the Facebook variety either: we’re talking the deeper, more lasting kind, forged in the fires of adventure, long dinner conversations and trip theme songs.

Because of our small group size – usually around 10 people per tour – there’s no way you’ll return home with just a vague recollection of ‘that French guy at the back of the minibus who really got into the slow part of Bohemian Rhapsody’. Not on our watch. You’ll get to know people with all sorts of life stories, area codes and karaoke abilities. We’re not saying you’ll be soul mates with everyone you meet, but we’ll be damned if you don’t meet people with a bit of soul.

Many who travel with us agree:

Stories from the road

We’re on the lookout for photos of travel pals and best buds you’ve made on the road. Just tag your perfectly filtered shot with #intrepidtravel.