Burma (Myanmar) is opening up to tourism rapidly, so now is the time to visit in order to discover the innocent and un-spoilt beauty of this southeast Asian country. A holiday in Burma will feel like time travel into the past, since the heavy-handed influence of the west is yet to totally take over. Known fondly by travellers as ‘The Golden Land’ due to its thousands of golden pagodas that dot the horizon, Burma maintains a modest, Buddhist culture that hints at what the wider region may have been like prior to mass tourism. And a holiday in Burma will almost certainly have you longing for a similarly simple way of life, happily hidden away from the distractions of modern life.

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A holiday in Burma might be daunting for travellers who have never been there or are unfamiliar with its history. But our passengers have provided feedback on their Intrepid trips in Burma so that you can find out more about what it’s like to travel there. So take a look below at our top reviews on Burma holidays to find out more.

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