Will Intrepid Food Adventures be able to cater for specific dietary requirements?

It is important to identify any dietary requirements at the booking stage. Our Food Adventures will be able to cater for vegetarians in most cases. The capacity to deal with other dietary requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that as some meals are fixed in advance, dietary requirements cannot be catered for in all instances. 

Please also notify your group leader of any dietary requirements in your group meeting at the start of your trip. For those suffering from particular food allergies, your group leader will endeavour to disclose to their fullest knowledge the main ingredients in dishes being consumed so that you are aware of what you are consuming and can make an informed decision about what you are able (or comfortable) to eat. It is, however, your personal responsibility to ensure that you do not ingest any foods to which you are allergic. 

Will Intrepid Food Adventures be able to cater for food allergies?

It is critical that any food allergies are identified at the booking stage. It is the personal responsibility of the traveller to ensure that they do not consume any foods to which they are allergic. Intrepid will endeavour to disclose to their fullest knowledge the dishes that are being consumed but do not take any responsibility for any allergic reactions to food or drink consumed while on a Food Adventure.

What happens if I don’t like the food?

As Food Adventures focus on the local, authentic food scene, it is important to keep an open mind in exploring new flavours and ingredients. 

If you decide that you need a break from the local cuisine, please inform your group leader and for optional meals, they will endeavour to recommend somewhere to suit your requirements. 

Can I go to a high profile or ‘fine dining’ restaurant while on a Food Adventure?

Travellers are able to book their own fine dining experiences on free nights, if they choose. These bookings will need to be made by travellers in advance of their departure. As there are long lead times for booking some fine dining restaurants, it is recommended that you place any reservations well in advance of departure. Your group leader will not be able to assist in securing these reservations once you arrive in destination.

If I am under the legal drinking age while on a Food Adventure, will I be able to participate in any of the alcohol-related activities?

A number of activities on this itinerary may have an alcohol component. Relevant local laws governing the legal age for consumption of alcohol will apply to all trips. If you are below the local legal age, you will not be able to partake in any trip activities involving alcohol and you accept that no refund will be offered for those activities.