Remaining one of the all-time favourite destinations amongst our travellers, people flock to holiday in Turkey year after year, never tiring of the history, beaches, food, culture, people and of course, the coffee. Our passengers go mad for this country – it seems to have a mystical hold over travellers so that they long to return there, and one visit is never enough. Nonchalantly straddling two continents (Asia and Europe) as if it’s no big deal, Turkey has carved out its own ‘Eurasian’ identity that few places on the globe can emulate.

Top reviews on Turkey holidays

Not sure what the fuss is about? Or considering a holiday in Turkey but can’t make up your mind which parts to visit? Read through our top reviews below from Intrepid travellers who have experienced a holiday in Turkey with us.

Turkey Encompassed, July 2017

Erin Watherston

Best of Turkey, July 2017

Robyne Clements

Best of Turkey, April 2017

Helen Flett

Best of Turkey, July 2017

Tulin Selbes

Best of Turkey, July 2017


Turkey Encompassed, June 2017

Rana Collett

Best of Turkey, June 2017

Deborah Denton

Turkey Encompassed, June 2017

Bilal Ahmad

Turkey Encompassed, June 2017

Belinda Ilijevski

Turkey Encompassed, June 2017

Pauline Ash

Turkey Encompassed, June 2017

Abeba Abebe

Turkey - Hike, Bike & Kayak, June 2017

Jessica Jamieson-Whittle

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