We never want to cancel a trip, but sometimes things happen.

As the world opens up, we're excited for you to get out there and see it. But we also recognise the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a risk and some things are out of both our control and yours.

We want your future travels to always be safe and, in the unfortunate event that your trip needs to be cancelled, we are committed to supporting you the best we can.   

Cancelled trips 

If you were booked on a trip that we had to cancel due to Force Majeure (e.g. due to the COVID-19 pandemic), we have automatically applied your credit of monies paid to Intrepid, as per our Booking Conditions at the time you booked your trip.*

* Please note different conditions apply for Polar, Adventure Cruises and select Tailor-Made trips. Please see our Flexible Bookings for further details. Credit amounts exclude additional flights or insurance as they have their own booking conditions.

Trips departing from May 2022 onwards 

These trips are currently scheduled to depart as planned. We are closely monitoring the situation in all our destinations, and will notify you at least one month before your scheduled departure date if your trip is cancelled or changed. If you booked with a travel agent, they will notify you of any changes.

If you want to cancel your booking, please see our Booking Conditions or our COVID Protection (under Flexible Bookings) for the options available to you.  

Credit redemption

If you have a credit with us for a cancelled trip, here's how to re-book a future adventure for whenever it suits you. Use your credit for the same trip or put it towards any of our other adventures — it's your choice! 

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You will automatically receive a credit of monies paid to Intrepid. You do not need to contact us to confirm your travel credit, as it has been automatically applied to your booking number. You can redeem your travel credit on hundreds of Intrepid trips globally – it does not have to be the same tour you were originally booked on.  

Credit amounts exclude any flights or insurance we have booked for you, as they will each have their own individual booking conditions associated with the provider. 

Please note that a number of trips, including Polar, Adventure Cruises and select Tailor-Made trips have different conditions, applicable under our Special Conditions.  

Your travel credit includes your Intrepid tour and any pre and post-trip accommodation or airport transfers you booked through us. It does not include any flights or insurance we have booked for you, as they will each have their own individual booking conditions associated with the provider.

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Even though we had to cancel your trip, we really hope you'll travel with us again! That's why we've given you a credit with no expiry, which you can use towards your next adventure whenever it suits you. Whether you decide to re-book the same trip or take one that's completely different, we're ready to help you when the time is right. 

In the meantime, your credit doesn't just secure your future travel plans, it also secures the future of the travel industry, helping us to employ people in our destinations around the globe. Your credit shows your trust in Intrepid and is a down payment on the kind of world you want to see when travel returns.

In most cases where we've offered credit, it has no expiry date.  

Please note that our Polar voyages, Tailor-Made trips and select Adventure Cruises have different conditions, applicable under our Special Conditions

If you are eligible for credit on any flights or insurance that were cancelled, the relevant Booking Conditions with these operators will apply. 

If we cancel your trip, we will automatically apply your credit, for future travel. If you would prefer a refund, and you booked directly with Intrepid, please contact us. Alternatively, if you booked with a travel agent, please contact them directly. We will review your case in line with original Booking Conditions at time of your booking. 


We have flexible options if you need to make changes before your full payment is due.   

Please contact your travel agent so they can assist you. 

You will receive a pro-rata travel credit that you can use towards another Intrepid tour that departs. This travel credit will be applied for the total number of days you did not receive and will be calculated by dividing the total cost of your tour by the number of days you did travel on your tour. You will also receive a pro-rata travel credit for post-accommodation or/and transfers you paid for.

Please contact us so we can advise you of your options – this will depend on the airline rules relevant to your airfare/s. 

Refund information for UK & European travellers

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