Getting around Maine

Getting around Maine is relatively easy, and there are several options to get you from point A to point B, including driving, taking public transport or catching a ferry. How you travel around Maine largely depends on whether you plan to move around the state or stay in one region. For example, if you want to go from Portland to Bangor, you can choose to catch a flight or drive between the two cities. 

If you're planning on staying in Portland, Maine has an excellent and reliable public transportation system, in the form of bus and train networks, that will make travelling to popular landmarks a breeze.

Driving around Maine

Driving around Maine is definitely one of the easiest ways to travel and also allows you to take in as much of Maine's natural beauty as possible along the way. Whether you plan on hitting the road from a neighbouring state or renting a car from one of the six commercial airports in Maine, driving offers a more relaxed way of moving from place to place.

Moving between popular destinations within Maine, like going from Portland to Acadia National Park, is relatively easy as the highways in the state are in good condition.

Taking a bus in Maine

Maine's public transportation system consists of reliable bus networks that facilitate services between larger cities and different regions throughout the state. 

Various popular locations and landmarks also have free shuttle buses to conveniently take you to and from your destination. There are also a number of buses that will take you to bigger recreational areas, including Sugarloaf Mountain, Mt. Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Bethel and Kennebunk.

Catching a ferry in Maine

You might be surprised to know that Maine is home to over four thousand islands located just off the coast, and catching a ferry is a great way to explore them. The state's ferry transportation system allows travellers a closer look into the community life on these maritime island towns. 

The ferry system also offers international services between Canada and coastal cities such as Bar Harbor, Eastport and Portland.  

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