From houseboats to homestays and everything in between, our trips stay at some picturesque, locally-owned and just downright cool places. Here’s our list of unique stays that are so much more than a place to sleep at night.


A junk boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Junk Cruise, Vietnam

You’ll never forget the beauty of sailing through the emerald waters and limestone karsts of Halong Bay. Enjoy a seafood dinner on board and then settle down for a comfortable night in the Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Bedouin camps in Jordan

Bedouin Camps, Jordan

Exploring the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum is an experience like no other. Hike it by day, watch the sun set, then take in the expansive starry sky from the comfort of a well-ventilated tent.

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A felucca on the Nile in Egypt

Felucca, Egypt

Relaxing, unique and oh so cool, sailing the Nile by felucca is truly one for the books. Prepare yourself for a shared, open sleeping area, for tasty homemade meals from the Nubian sailing crew, and for the experience of a lifetime.

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A ger camp in the Mongolian countryside

Ger Camp, Mongolia

Cozy and comfortable, Ger Camps are a must-have experience in the Mongolian countryside. Indulge in traditional cuisine and enjoy the epic landscapes around you.

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A houseboat in Botswana

Houseboat, Botswana

Arrive at your floating home via speedboat taxi and you’ll find you’re in for a treat. There will be hippos grunting, cicadas trilling, a dining area with games, twin-share cabins, and on-deck sundowners to go along with a spectacular sunset.

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A tent along the Quarry Trail in Peru

Quarry Trail Campsite, Peru

Camp along the Quarry Trail and you'll wake up to views of soaring peaks and stunning valleys. While the Inca Trail allows up to 500 hikers per day, you'll seldom see another group along the Quarry Trail trek, meaning you get those spectacular views all to yourself.

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An adventure cruise ship in Greece

Adventure Cruise Ship, Worldwide

When living aboard our Adventure Cruise ships (which are more like floating boutique hotels than cruise ships), you’ll experience your destination by both land and sea. Explore hidden gems with your local leader, sample the local cuisine and pull into small ports where you can get to know the locals instead of outnumber them.

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Traditional Navajo Hogan hut in the United States

Hogan, United States

Stay in a traditional Hogan to get to grips with the culture of one of the largest North American Indian tribes, the Navajo. The facilities are basic but the reservation is home to 200,000 Navajo people, and the experience is unforgettable.

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