Intrepid launches publishing venture with Hardie Grant

Hardie Grant Explore announces publishing joint venture with Intrepid Travel


Hardie Grant Explore is excited to announce a new joint venture with Intrepid Travel to publish a new series of travel books done differently. This will see its first book, The Intrepid List published in October 2024, followed by a new series of country-specific titles in 2025 and beyond.

Both on a mission to creative positive impact, Intrepid and Hardie Grant share a common love for how the power of storytelling can bring people closer together, challenge assumptions and change the way we all see the world. These will not be your average travel guides.

Leigh Barnes, Intrepid Travel’s Chief Customer Officer says, 'We are thrilled this joint (ad)venture will allow us to share and explore more stories that inspire even more people around the world to travel in a more Intrepid way.'

Launching with The Intrepid List, this hardback book will offer a collection of more than 100 unique and enthralling travel experiences from around the globe. But it isn't a bucket list book. This book is for the intrepid travellers – the explorers, thrill-seekers, foodies and festival-goers – those that have a curiosity about the people and places that make up this amazing planet. It will inspire readers to discover new destinations or see the classics from a different perspective. It will help them to discover a destination in a different way, to learn from locals who can help discover the authentic, the eccentric, the rare and the astonishing. All done with an eye to responsible adventures and travelling in a conscious and ethical manner.

The joint venture is underpinned by Intrepid’s strategic vision, which is that the world needs more Intrepid people – a global community that is conscious, curious and connected.

Barnes adds, 'Our style of travel truly inspires travellers to discover a destination, connect with local communities and change the way they see the world. Since 1989, we’ve grown a global community of connected and curious travellers, who are passionate about our world and the people who live on our planet.’

To support this vision, Intrepid began searching for new ways to connect with travellers beyond the 923 multi-day trips and day tours that it runs on all seven continents.  When Hardie Grant reached out to Intrepid in 2023 with the idea of creating a series of travel books done differently, they knew this would be the perfect publishing partnership. And so, the joint (ad)venture began.

‘Hardie Grant Explore’s vision is to open readers’ minds to different cultures and perspectives, introduce authentic travel experiences and engage with the natural world,’ said Roxy Ryan, Hardie Grant Publishing Managing Director. ‘So naturally we were thrilled to partner with Intrepid who share such similar vision for their business. We are so excited for this fantastic new travel series to encourage readers and travellers alike to engage with the world around them.’

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