Ethical Digital Marketing

Ethical Digital Marketing

At Intrepid Travel, we will:

  • Be GDPR-compliant globally, committed to permission-based marketing and data privacy.
  • Block and reject all 3rd-party digital media placements on external websites that do not align with our corporate values, spread misinformation or support hatred and oppression.
  • Display and promote our products, pricing and purpose accurately and truthfully.
  • Ensure our SEO is done ethically and on merit, based on genuine relationships and partnerships, and we will not purchase links or engage in otherwise unethical behaviour as outlined in Google’s webmaster guidelines.
  • Commit to accessible web design to ensure customers can understand, navigate and interact with our site equally.

How we’ll do it

Our digital marketing complies with globally accepted best practices for data and privacy. We will:

  • Create more safeguards, systems and audit protocols to ensure we meet compliance standards.
  • Reject digital promotion on outlets that do not meet our standards for equity and inclusion.
  • Not misuse personal data.

How we’ll measure it

  • 100% compliance with Google’s webmaster guidelines through an annual audit
  • 100% regional data usage and privacy compliance, specifically in our key source markets, including GDPR in Europe, CCPA in the United States, CASL in Canada and APP in Australia
  • 48-hour response time (or less) for any customer query regarding data or security

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