Mark, 37

Touring all over the world as a bassist with his band, Mark has had more than his fair share of international travel. But punishing schedules meant all he really got to see was the inside of tour buses, music venues and bars. He rarely, if ever, got to spend time in the wilderness, hiking up mountain trails and savouring the views at each pass.

For Mark, the biggest challenge was having the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the moment.


Be Challenged with Intrepid Travel


Discover Patagonia's incredible outdoors.

Patagonia Highlights

Hike to the edge of the world past Patagonia's glorious snow-capped landscapes.

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Spot some of the Galapagos Islands' unique wildlife.

Active Galapagos

Get your heart racing by scaling a volcano on Isabela Island and kayaking in beautiful Isabela Bay.

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Pedal past vineyards and farms in sun-drenched Tuscany.

Cycle Tuscany

Power your way around Italy and be rewarded with amazing landscapes, culture and food.

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Tackle the winding path to Machu Picchu.

Land of the Incas

Trek the trail to Machu Picchu and be awed by the ancient civilisation of the Incas.

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