This sub-Arctic island, perched high on the globe beneath a blanket of crystal-fresh air and privy to regular performances from the northern lights, is home to more volcanoes, geysers and glaciers than anywhere else on earth. But a holiday in Iceland will offer more than epic tundra landscapes alone: this is the country that was brought up on fishing but has evolved into one of the most advanced cultures in the world, where buildings are serviced by the world’s largest geothermic heating system, and people conduct meetings in steamy public baths the same way workers might congregate inside a London pub after-hours. Icelanders have long been labeled the happiest nation on earth, and as they arise from recent deep economic depression, the insatiable thirst for travel to Iceland continues to drive their recovery. 

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A holiday in Iceland provides travellers with an epic escape to witness one of the planet’s geothermal and astronomical hotspots. Take a look below at the Iceland holiday reviews from Intrepid travellers who have experienced this frozen region for themselves:

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