The top 7 destinations for travel in April 2024

written by Intrepid Travel July 11, 2023
Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, Japan

Updated: This article was originally published in January 2018 and updated in July 2023.

You’ve decided you want to travel more this year (good on you), but you’re struggling to choose your next destination. Surely there’s an easier way than trawling through endless travel mags and guidebooks for the answers, right? That’s where our ultimate month-by-month travel guide comes in: your easily digestible list of places to visit, things to experience, and amazing weather to chase around the world.

Right, time to shift the focus to April. Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere; the dry seasons are beginning to roll in and everywhere is looking that little bit fresher. Whether you’ve always wanted to witness Bolivia’s salt flats, see Namibia’s fossilised trees, stare in wonder at the cherry blossoms in Japan or unearth Portugal’s food capital, here’s your guide for where to travel in April.

1. Japan

Cherry blossoms by a tranquil lake in Japan

Photo captured by Rodrigo Machado

From the neon lights and chaos of the capital to the serenity and zen of Kyoto’s shrines and temples, Japan is an exciting mishmash of modernity and tradition. Certain parts of the country, particularly Hiroshima, hold sad but important historical significance and a trip to its Peace Park is vital. You’ll love riding the high-speed bullet train, checking out the views of Mt. Fuji, and digging into Japanese favourites like sushi and sake too.

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One of the most special things about visiting in April is the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival where thousands of trees become filled with pretty pink and white flowers. Friends and families descend upon local parks to view the blossoms in all their glory – it’s a memorable event not to be missed!

2. Namibia

A giraffe with its baby in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Photo captured by Nicole Hein

With its perilous Skeleton Coast, vast Fish River Canyon and eerie Sossusvlei littered with fossilised trees, Namibia is a country of contrasts. Receiving almost no rain throughout the year, you’d be hard-pressed not to see the sun. That said, April is known to offer up some of the best weather conditions: moderate temperatures and abundant greenery.

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What to do whilst you’re here? Make a beeline for the amazing wildlife and landscapes of Etosha National Park. Sip a beer as you gain an insight into German colonial Africa in the towns of Swakopmund and Windhoek. Go canoeing down South Africa’s longest stream, the picturesque Orange River. Or, head to Twyfelfontein, famed for its many rock paintings and engravings.

Top trips:

3. Portugal

Sweeping views over Lisbon at sunset


After a toasty beach break with ample sea swimming and sunbathing opportunities? Admittedly, April may not be the right travel time for you, but if you love the idea of almond blossoms filling the trees, spring air in your lungs and beating the crowds, you could be onto a winner! Plus, with temperatures in Lisbon reaching a pleasant 20°C, it’s an ideal time to discover why everybody raves about this city.

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Have a mosey around Porto, the coastal city that’s home to the iconic Dom Luís I bridge( and often referred to as the country’s food capital) before heading down south to Lagos, with its walled old town and nearby cliffs boasting stunning headland views.

Top trips:

4. Jordan

Ancient buildings in Petra, Jordan


A modern capital filled with cosmopolitan cafes might not spring to mind when thinking of Jordan. It’s better known for its impressive world heritage sites and incredible desert scenery. But this middle eastern gem is full of surprises. April is warm (but not scorching) and the winter rains mean the forests are lush and the valleys are blanketed in brightly coloured wildflowers. What better time to explore?

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Get under the skin of this amazing country by uncovering local history and knowledge during a trip to the citadel, the Jordan Museum and Roman Theatre in Amman. Journey into the beautiful, protected desert wilderness of Wadi Rum and be blown away by Petra, the awe-inspiring, ancient rock-cut capital of the Nabataeans. When your brain is full to the brim with ancient history, head to the coast to float in the salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea.

Top trips:

5. Morocco

A local man working at a tannery in Fes, Morocco

Photo captured by Annapurna Mellor

Looking for a destination with both a rich history and intense natural beauty? Enter Morocco. Many agree this North African spot is best travelled to in April when the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts heat up and the Sahara isn’t too hot. Temperatures range from 15-32°C across the country and showers are not unheard of.

Relish the opportunity to lose yourself in the maze-like medinas of Fes, with its potent-smelling tanneries and souqs piled high with leather goods. Be made to feel miniature as you stand at the titanium doors of the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. Or wander the blue-washed streets of Chefchaouen. (Not forgetting all the fun that awaits you in the bustling city of Marrakech.)

Top trips:

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6. Bolivia

Reflections across the Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia

Photo captured by Rebecca Newman

Chock-full of otherworldly landscapes, dizzying peaks and friendly-faced locals, it’s easy to see why Bolivia is fast becoming a traveller favourite. April ends the wet season, leaving Salar de Uyuni submerged after the rains. Whilst this means sections of the trail aren’t accessible, the entire salt flat is turned into a mirror, reflecting the sky and its striking surroundings.

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Why not take the opportunity to browse around the weird and wonderful Witches’ Market in La Paz? Or, immerse yourself in the Spanish colonial architecture of Potosi, one of the richest cities in the world? You could even hike up the hill to the Inca Observatory for dramatic views over Lake Titicaca (an unbeatable view on a sunny day!).

Top trips:

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7. Italy

Duomo in Florence at sunset

Photo captured by Cliff Bielawski

A country where food, art, history and natural beauty collide – get ready to tuck into a piece of la dolce vita! April is a sunny and quiet time on this boot-shaped peninsula, and whilst the weather might not be beach-ready, it’s perfect for mooching around Italy’s many incredible cities.

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Journey to the birthplace of the Renaissance period in Florence and find Michaelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Make the trip to Milan, one of the most important fashion capitals on the planet (home to designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace). Or unwind on the canals of Venice, admiring the stunning architecture that juts out of its waters.

Top trips:

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