7 ways for kids to live a day in the life of someone awesome on a new family trip 

written by Heather Kang November 29, 2023

The only downside to the newest additions to Intrepid’s family trips is that they’re going to make it a whole lot more difficult to answer the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

After getting a taste of life as a samurai, an astronomer and even Santa Claus, kids will find the old standards of ‘doctor’ or ‘dinosaur princess’ just don’t hold up. Check out some of the newest and coolest ways Intrepid’s family trips are giving kids a glimpse into all the places you can go and people you can be.  

1. A day in the life of a Buddhist monk in South Korea 

Kids don’t exactly give off zen vibes, but if there’s anywhere that might inspire a sense of tranquility, it might just be a Buddhist temple in South Korea. On Intrepid’s new South Korea Family Holiday, families join a group of monks for a day at Golgulsa Temple.  You’ll all learn about the ancient art of Sunmudo – a thousand-year-old form of martial arts that incorporates elements of meditation – and have a chance to try traditional Korean archery. Cap off the day with a traditional Buddhist vegetarian dinner at the temple. 

2. A day in the life of a farmer in Costa Rica 

On day 9 of this new 14-day Best of Costa Rica Family Holiday, get a taste of life on the farm at the Torres family farm. It’s been in the family since 1954, and is currently home to two grandparents, their five children and nine grandchildren, all of whom are committed to sustainably managing the farm and conserving the forest. Feed the chickens, harvest their eggs and get to know the family as they teach you about small-scale farming and campesino life before sitting down together for a fresh breakfast. 

3. A day in the life of Santa Claus in Finland 

If there were any doubts, they’ll be quickly put to rest on day one of Intrepid’s new Finish Lapland Winter Family Holiday. The first stop is where it counts: Santa’s Village. The big guy is understandably busy but somehow manages to make himself available to visitors in two locations in the village every day. Just trust the magic. The Arctic Circle crosses right through the village square, so you can hop, skip or jingle your way across it and back again as much as you’d like. To cap off this 5-day winter adventure, you’ll get to meet the other stars of the Christmas show at a reindeer farm, which is home to over a hundred reindeer, all of whom (except maybe one) are likely playing reindeer games.

4. A day in the life of a Navajo family in Monument Valley, USA 

Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border in America’s Wild West is the kind of place that looks like it was pulled out of a movie. And to be fair, you’ll see it in a lot of movies. The valley’s red sandstone buttes seem to rise out of the ground from nowhere, piercing some of the biggest, bluest skies in the west. This is Navajo territory. On Intrepid’s new Western USA Family Holiday, you and the kids will pile into a 4WD and explore the valley with a Navajo guide. You’ll learn about the region’s rich culture and history before settling into a hogan for a sleepover they won’t forget. These traditional Navajo huts are made of desert juniper tree logs and red desert earth that stay cool in the heat. 

5. A day in the life of a samurai in Japan 

Here’s something cooler than Ninja Warrior: kids can become a Japanese samurai in real life on Intrepid’s new Japan Highlights Family Holiday. In Kyoto, for an additional fee, you’ll have the option to learn all about samurai warriors and their important role in Japanese history. At Kyoto’s Samurai & Ninja Museum, the whole family can dress up in samurai armour, complete with replica swords, and tour the museum to learn more about these iconic warriors. 

6. A night in the life of an astronomer in Croatia 

Intrepid’s new Croatia Family Holiday lets you live a night in the life of a local astronomer atop Lastovo Island. Take a short hike up to the top of Lastovo village with your fellow travelling families and meet a local astronomer who will give you a tour of the constellations through the telescope. It’s said that Lastovo is one of the best dark spots in Europe to stargaze, thanks to its remote location in the Adriatic Sea. But you might just need to see it for yourself. 

7. A day in the life of a Japanese tea farmer 

All aboard a scenic steam train through Japan’s southern Alps for a couple days of calm on the new 8-day Japan Highlights Family Holiday. The train takes you to Kawane where a local family will greet your group at the station. These are your hosts for the next day and night as they share a taste of rural life at their tea farm, where you’ll be staying overnight. First, help your hosts pick some tea and bring it back to their home, where you’ll learn how to brew your harvest and even try some tea tempura. Later, enjoy a home-cooked meal featuring ingredients from their farm garden. Don’t be surprised if the kids pick up a few cooking tips along the way.  

Discover these trips in more in our complete collection of Family trips. Find out what else is new and cool for 2024 with The Goods. 

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