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written by Sahar Aman December 15, 2023
two people celebrating Pride by dancing joyfully

Joining Pride parades in cities other than your own lets you celebrate LGBTQIA+ culture while seeing another part of the world.

Pride – a declaration of love and inclusivity – is an important time of year celebrated throughout hundreds of cities. Pairing an Intrepid group adventure with Pride sparks joyful cultural exchange, contributing to global solidarity and understanding the kaleidoscope of identities of LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. Spend time exploring the cities that have shaped their stories and join Pride festivities alongside the community.

New York City

The Stonewall Inn, a national LGBTQIA+ landmark, makes New York City an iconic destination for Pride. In 2019, Manhattan hosted the first US WorldPride, a month-long program of events and activities, setting a new standard for global celebrations.

Intrepid’s Big Apple to Big Easy kicks off in Brooklyn. All you need to do is arrive a couple of days earlier and time your visit with the annual Pride parade in June. This trip ends with three days in New Orleans – a city with a thriving LGBTQIA+ community, where diversity isn’t just celebrated but woven into the city’s fabric.


Time your trip to Europe with Pride in Berlin. This city is considered one of the greatest gay capitals in the world because of its LGBTQIA+ culture, nightlife, numerous queer-friendly establishments and history of championing rights for the community. 

Every July, Berlin’s annual Pride march attracts close to one million people and is called Berlin CSD, short for Berlin Christopher Street Day, which pays homage to the New York street where the Stonewall Riots began. On Intrepid’s Paris to Berlin adventure, you can visit LGBTQIA+-friendly cities like Paris and Amsterdam before arriving at your final destination, Berlin, to participate in rallies, open-air festivities and celebrations across the city on land and water. 


Pairing Intrepid’s Iceland Express trip with the country’s annual Pride event makes for a captivating and unforgettable journey filled with nature and celebration. Explore geysers, waterfalls, and glaciers with the spirit of adventure guiding you, and then experience Iceland’s inclusivity and diversity at the parade. 

Pride in Iceland traces its roots back to 1999, when the parade was first organised, marking the beginning of an annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. The juxtaposition of the country’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and the atmosphere of the Pride celebration makes for a beautiful experience.

Reykjavik parade for Pride


Taiwan’s LGBTQIA+ history is marked by its longstanding reputation as a haven for the community and the first country in Asia to legalise gay marriage in 2019. It has one of the largest Pride celebrations in the continent (and the biggest in East Asia), which takes place in Taipei annually on the last Saturday of October. 

Intrepid’s Explore Taiwan starts and ends in the city, giving you plenty of room on either side of your trip to participate in the parade and various community events. Learn more about LGBTQIA+ culture in Asia, explore historic sites and savour Taipei’s culinary delights.

Rio de Janeiro 

Take a short four-day break in Rio de Janeiro, exploring the city’s neighbourhoods and beaches before joining the annual November Pride celebration, one of the most significant events after Carnival. The city’s first Pride parade in 1995 marked a crucial moment for LGBTQIA+ visibility and strength. Since then, it has grown a lot, bringing together people from all over the world.

Against a backdrop of famous cityscapes, visitors can join festivities like parades and street parties that reflect Rio’s commitment to celebrating diversity and the joyous spirit of Brazil’s LGBTQIA+ community. 

San Francisco 

Visit a city with deep, historic LGBTQIA+ roots. Home to one of the oldest and largest marches, San Fransisco’s inclusive culture and landmarks make for a vibrant annual Pride celebration. Run by volunteers since 1970, nearly one million people come to the city to stand alongside the LQBTQIA+ community during Pride in June. 

Intrepid’s Real California Coastal Road Trip starts in Los Angeles. After cruising the highway for four days to spots like Big Sur, your last stop will be San Fran. There, you can take part in an unbridled LGBTQIA+ celebration of love and unity.


Spain was the third country in the world to legalise gay marriage in 2005. Madrid’s annual July Pride celebration is the largest in Europe. A whopping 2 million people attend the week-long festivities that generally take place in the neighbourhood of Chueca, although you’ll find events all over the city.

Join the Classic Barcelona to Madrid trip on a seven-day adventure to explore landmarks, food and culture along the coast, and arrive in Madrid to take part in a celebration that has been going strong since 1978.  

Madrid City Hall decked out for Pride


The annual Pride parade in Tokyo and various activities and festivities occur in late April. The history of this celebration is fairly recent. The first parade only took place in 2012, thanks to efforts from activists and supporters on a grassroots level. From there, it became a symbolic event reflecting a commitment to raising awareness and celebrating gay people. 

Intrepid’s Classic Japan is a great option for exploring this country from Kyoto to Tokyo. With three whole days baked into the itinerary, you’ll have plenty of time to settle into the city before joining one of Asia’s largest LGBTQIA+ celebrations. 


Held annually in June or July, Pride in London brings together a diverse and inclusive community and allies to march through the city’s heart in a colourful and joyous parade. The event dates back to the 1970s, beginning as a protest for equal rights and has evolved into one of the largest Pride festivals globally, with 30,000 participants and 1.5 million visitors.

The Highlights of South-West England trip starts and ends in London. After exploring the English countryside, you can take part in Pride festivities in one of the world’s most iconic capitals.


Pride is a month-long celebration in Sydney, jam-packed with LGBTQIA+ events for diversity, inclusion, and community spirit. In February, the city also hosts the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras annually, which began In 1978 when a small group gathered to protest and was met with police violence because homosexuality was illegal at the time. Sydney’s Mardi Gras has become one of Australia’s most celebrated and popular events today.

If you plan to visit the city during Pride and want to enjoy some nature and sightseeing, check out Intrepid’s three-day Best of Sydney & Blue Mountains. You’ll learn about First Nations history, see some city landmarks and explore UNESCO World Heritage-listed nature. 

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