Beyond sightseeing: All the things you can do on an Antarctic expedition

written by Amy Foyster June 23, 2022

We’re all about real life adventures. And that normally means leaving the hotel behind and exploring every nook and cranny of a destination.

But, when it comes to visiting Antarctica (or any polar expedition), it’s a slightly different experience. Adventure is truly all around you. Whether you’re gazing at glaciers from the deck of your ship, spotting penguins from your porthole or even getting out and about in a kayak – it’s a round-the-clock, utterly immersive experience.

Not that these stunning vistas could ever get old, but if you are after a way to break up all that sightseeing, there are a number of ways to stay entertained onboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Two older travellers talk onboard the deck of the Ocean Endeavour

Go back to school

Antarctica isn’t all just pretty, sparkling glaciers and photo opps. There’s also plenty to learn about the nature and history of the region, which is why on Intrepid’s voyages you will be joined by a number of industry experts, including marine biologists, naturalists and ornithologists. You’ll have plenty of chances to attend formal presentations on a number of topics over the course of the journey, or simply have a casual chat to one of the experts when you see them around the ship.

Take a dip, or break a sweat

Nope, I’m not talking about a polar plunge (although if conditions are right that could be on the cards too). The Ocean Endeavour includes a sauna and hot tub, so there are plenty of spots to stay warm. And then there are the off-ship activities. Kayaking, snow-shoeing across the ice, and of course the Antarctic Day Paddle, which you won’t want to miss.

The polar library

Unwind with a good book

If you forgot to pack your Kindle – don’t stress. Our ship comes fully stocked with a library. What better way to pass the time on a cold, wintery day than to curl up with a good book and a steaming cuppa? It’s a great place for some solitary reading time, or to meet other like-minded bookworms aboard the ship.

Work on your photography skills

All Intrepid Antarctic voyages include a dedicated photography workshop, plus tips and advice from professional wildlife photographers. This is a much more active, engaging program than you’ll find on other ships. Your photography guides will walk you through the correct camera settings, and follow you on-shore to give you real-time feedback. We’ve even partnered with Sony to offer state-of-the-art camera gear, if you forgot to bring your DSLR.

Embrace your inner yogi

Yes, that’s right. You can do a yoga and stretching class at the end of the earth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Zen-master who heads to yoga every week at home, or whether you can barely touch your toes – there’s something for everyone. Plus, holding a yoga pose while the boat is moving is a real core workout.

travellers looking at the sunset from the Ocean Endeavour

Treat yourself

I mean, you are on holiday after all, so that means treating yourself to a spot of shopping, if you’re that way inclined. While there aren’t any big shopping centres in Antarctica, your ship will have a small polar boutique. This is the perfect place to buy any little personal items you might have forgotten to pack or souvenirs for your jealous friends back home – toy penguin anyone?

Join scientific research

All our Antarctic expeditions include a citizen science program, along with a dedicated Citizen Science Coordinator. It’s a chance for regular travellers to contribute towards meaningful, global scientific research. There are a number of projects you can join on-board, from cloud-watching in synch with NASA satellites, to tracking bird migration and collecting phytoplankton samples off the back of the Zodiac. This is one way you can really give back to the continent: the data collected from citizen science programs helps researchers around the world understand Antarctica better.

Do you want to explore Antarctica for yourself? Check out our full range of Antarctica adventures.

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