5 of the best Comoros Islands beaches

written by Kate Gazzard August 28, 2022
Waves crashing against yellow sand under a blue sky

It’s a tough holiday when the biggest decision you have to make is which of these perfect strips of white sand to lay out on…

The Comoros Islands is an archipelago full of wild wonder and natural beauty, and not only is it bursting with brightly coloured and cheeky-looking animals, but also with paradise-like beaches you could easily spend hours on.

Whether you can’t wait to go on a snorkelling adventure to explore the islands’ marine world or you’re looking for a place to sit down and soak up the Comorian sun, these Comoros Islands beaches promise good times and great memories. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice.

From the palm trees and rocky terrain of Chindini to the secluded nature of Kave Haoni, spending an afternoon running your fingers through golden sand and cooling off in turquoise waters has never looked so good.

1.      Miringoni, Moheli

Situated on the lesser-visited island of Moheli in the region known as Fomboni, Miringoni Beach is the stuff of paradise. Hidden behind lush vegetation so that only the curious and dedicated will be able to find it, this beach is quiet and promises the relaxing afternoon of your dreams. Oozing character and charm, Miringoni deserves a visit (even if it takes a little time, effort, and patience to find it).

2.      Chindini, Grande Comore

Are you wanting a true Comorian beach experience? Then Chindini is the beach for you. Known as a popular local hangout, Chindini is a beautiful spot where relaxation is the activity of choice. Surrounded by palm trees and dramatic rocky outcrops, this family-friendly beach is one of the best places to play ball games as the sand is incredibly soft and the water is shallow (making it perfect for swimming).

If you want a bit of peace and quiet, this beach also has a few secluded corners where you can sit with your thoughts and listen to the waves gently crashing on the shore. For a little extra fun and excitement, you can also organize a boat trip to pick you up from the beach and take you out on the water to search for dolphins and whales.

3.      Mitsamiouli, Grande Comore

If you’re looking for the best beach on the Comoros Islands then Mitsamiouli, located on Grand Comore, might just take out the top spot thanks to its pearly white sand and secluded nature. Featuring a collection of small bays and inlets that offer enough privacy to feel as though you have the whole beach to yourself, Mitsamiouli is popular with both locals and tourists.

While the beach can get packed on particularly hot days, you should always be able to find a good spot to set up so you can enjoy as much of this picture-perfect tropical destination’s natural beauty as possible.

4.      Kave Haoni, Moheli

Another one of Fomboni’s quiet beaches, Kave Haoni is incredibly peaceful and remote, allowing you to live out your fantasies of having a private beach all to yourself. Seriously, beaches just don’t get any better than this one.

Ideal for camping and other family-friendly activities, you can easily spend hours on this beach playing in the pure white sand and cooling off in the sparkling blue water. But there’s still plenty to do for thrill-seekers and adventure-lovers – diving over coral reefs, whale watching, and sunset gazing are just some of the exciting options that await you on a trip to Kave Haoni.

5.      Nioumachoua, Moheli

Two cows walking along a beach with crystal clear water in the background.

What Nioumachoua lacks in size, it makes up for in natural beauty with plenty of vegetation, including tropical mangroves, dotting the edge of the beach’s pure, white sand. If that’s not enough to convince you to spend a couple of hours here, then its calm water certainly will.

Promising the perfect spot for paddle boarding and other water-based activities, this beach is guaranteed to be a family favourite and even offers an insight into the local way of life with several fishing boats making their way ashore throughout the day.

Pro tip: stay on the beach until the sun sets to treat your eyes to a beautiful sight you’re unlikely to forget.

Whether you only visit one beach or all of them on your trip to the Comoros Islands, you’re guaranteed to have the best time. And that’s a promise. 


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