Best of Indochina Overview

Travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, via Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Luang Prabang, and explore the best of Indochina. Visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and see the real South East Asia.

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Explore Indochina travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Tour South-East Asia on an Intrepid trip that takes in the best of Indochina. Breathe in wafting scents of incense as we discover the mysticism, history and ancient traditions of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. This trip covers all the highlights of Indochina: from the majestic Angkor ruins and the pristine beaches of Sihanoukville to the frenetic pace of Ho Chi Minh City, the relaxed vibe of Hoi An and the riverside beauty of Luang Prabang. The warmth and candour of the locals you meet along the way, and the delicious range of cuisines on offer, perfectly complete this adventure through Indochina.

  • Admire the stunning limestone crags around Vang Vieng
  • Bargain like a local in Bangkok's markets
  • Delve into Khmer history in Phnom Penh
  • Discover the charm of Chiang Mai
  • Experience rural village life at a Cambodian homestay
  • Relax on Nha Trang's beaches
  • See the temples of Angkor rise out of the jungle
  • Take a riverboat cruise on the Mekong

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Finish:

    Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Group size:

    Min 1 , Max 16
  • Ages:

    Min 12
  • Meals:

    11 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners
  • Accommodation:

    Guesthouse (8 nts), Homestay (2 nts), Hotel (25 nts), Overnight sleeper train (3 nts)
  • Transport:

    Boat, Bus, Ferry, Overnight sleeper train, Private minibus, Songthaew, Tuk-Tuk
  • Included activities:

    Halong Bay - Boat cruise, Hanoi - Walking tour, Hoi An - Bike tour, Luang Prabang - Walking tour, Mekong Delta - Boat cruise and homestay, Vientiane - COPE visit, Vientiane - Walking tour, Vientiane - Wat Sri Saket

  • Carbon emissions offset:

    516kg pp per trip
  • Notes:

    TRIP CHANGES 2013 Please note this tour will be 40 days in 2013, instead of 39 in 2012. The tour will now finish in Bangkok, instead of Chiang Mai, and have one less day in Vang Vieng. The itinerary will be as follows: Day 1: Bangkok Days 2-4 Siem Reap Day 5 Kompong Cham Day 6 Phnom Penh Day 7 Homestay Days 8-9 Sihanoukville Day 10 Phnom Penh Days 11-12 Ho Chi Minh City Days 13-14 Mekong Delta Days 15-16 Nha Trang Days 17-19 Hoi An Days 20-22 Hue Day 23 Hanoi Day 24 Halong Bay Days 25-26 Hanoi Day 27 Vinh Days 28-29 Vientiane Days 30-31 Vang Vieng Days 32-34 Luang Prabang Day 35 Mekong River Day 36 Chiang Kong Days 37-38 Chiang Mai Days 39-40 Bangkok This trip will now depart on selected Sundays, instead of selected Wednesdays. Exact itineraries and prices will be release on the 1st November 2012.

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Best of Indochina Summary

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Day 1 Bangkok

Loud, bright, chaotic and delightful, Bangkok is a city of modern excesses intermingled with simple traditions, all wrapped up in the famous smiles of the locals.

Days 2-4 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat

A vibrant nightlife, mouth-watering food, a time-worn French feel and certain famous temples on its doorstep - Siem Reap is a little town with a big, pulsating heart. Immense, awe-inspiring, extraordinary - the Angkor Wat temples are all this and much more. Built in the 12th century, this former Khmer city is nothing short of spectacular.

Day 5 Kompong Cham

Situated on the mighty Mekong, Kompong Cham retains the charm of traditional Cambodia. Sit back and relax into its peaceful nature, French flavour and Khmer heritage.

Day 6 Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh celebrates life with optimism and colour, and there are a wealth of riverside eateries, bustling markets and historic sites - both tragic and inspiring - to discover.

Day 7 Homestay

Sitting close to the greenery and beauty of the Kirirom National Park, Chambok provides serenity, an abundance of nature and a taste of traditional Khmer life.

Days 8-9 Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville - or Kompong Som to locals - is a small port town with long stretches of beach and beautiful, sleepy islands just off the coast.

Day 10 Phnom Penh

Sitting on the confluence of the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, Phnom Penh is buzzing with modern life, while still retaining some of its French Colonial heritage.

Days 11-12 Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is an exciting and dynamic city brimming with street vendors, cyclos, temples, shops and colonial architecture.

Days 13-14 Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the lifeblood of South-East Asia, and this fertile region within Vietnam is a maze of canals brimming with life, markets and tropical foods. With countless food stalls, restaurants, museums and markets, the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City have something for everyone to enjoy.

Days 15-16 Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a charming town on Vietnam's southeast coast with pristine beaches, consistently good weather, a vibrant nightlife and excellent diving.

Days 17-19 Hoi An

With lantern-lit streets, vibrant markets, skilled tailors, artisan shops, ancient houses, colourful temples and beautiful smiles, Hoi An is a Vietnamese wonderland.

Days 20-22 Hue

As the former imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue holds the treasures of Vietnam's royal past and is a curious mix of bustling streets and tranquil settings.

Day 23 Hanoi

Hanoi is famous for its tranquil lake settings, French-colonial architecture, ancient temples, delectable cuisine and as the resting place of the revered former leader, Ho Chi Minh.

Day 24 Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a place of surreal beauty, with ethereal limestone islands jutting out of jade waters and atmospheric caves and grottoes carved out by time.

Days 25-26 Hanoi

With a vibrant Old Quarter to explore, delicious food to discover and a city where ancient meets modern with ease, no wonder Hanoi is a favourite with travellers.

Day 27 Vinh

Vinh’s claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh. It is a lively port city with the mountains of Laos looming in the background.

Days 28-29 Vientiane

As the most relaxed capital in South-East Asia, Vientiane is a lovely mix of riverside calm, outstanding temples, fabulous food and charming locals.

Days 30-32 Vang Vieng

Surrounded by stunning limestone karst scenery, Vang Vieng is a small haven with fascinating caves to explore, a myriad of water-based activities and a relaxed atmosphere.

Days 33-35 Luang Prabang

Nestled in the hills of northern Laos, the tranquil city of Luang Prabang is studded with ornate temples, brimming with colourful markets and enriched by French colonial architecture.

Day 36 Mekong River

The Mekong River gently flows through Laos providing food, water and a transport channel for millions, as well as the aesthetic pleasures of life on the river.

Day 37 Chiang Khong

Sitting on the Mekong, Chiang Khong is a quiet town on the Thai side of the Thai-Lao border with beautiful countryside and a relaxed atmosphere.

Days 38-39 Chiang Mai

Awash with stunning temples, fabulous markets and a lively city centre, charming Chiang Mai is rich in culture and the gateway to the northern hilltribes.
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