Real Food Adventure - Thailand Itinerary

This trip to Thailand is full of adventure, fun and flavor. Eat in popular Bangkok restaurants, explore bustling markets for the freshest dishes and see all the sights of Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

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There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later Real Food Adventure - Thailand.
Bangkok street food

Chiang Mai monks offering

Fresh market fruit in Thailand

Phratat Doi Suthep Temple

Days 1-2 Bangkok

Arrive in the enigmatic city of Bangkok, where the pulsating streets, smiling locals, delightful food and colorful culture welcome you like a massive hug. Go on a progressive dinner party through the streets of Bangkok, moving from restaurant to restaurant, sampling incredible Thai food along the way. The next morning, visit the Tha Kha Floating Markets and wind through canals filled with sellers hawking their colorful fruits and wares, stopping to taste some fruit along the way. For another quirky local market experience, drive to the Mae Glong Railway Market, where stalls are quickly pulled to one side when the train quite literally passes through the centre of the market! After a tasty lunch, return to Bangkok and prepare for an overnight train to Chiang Mai.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Day 3 Chiang Mai

Head to a local khao soi restaurant for lunch and see how this bowl of soupy, noodley goodness – the region’s most famous dish – is made before tucking into a hearty bowl. Perhaps visit Doi Suthep, a gold-gilded Buddhist temple that has incredible views, before winding back down to the city streets and getting ready for an evening at the Sunday Walking Street Market. More of a local haunt, Walking Street is bursting with tasty Northern Thai street food and excellent people-watching. Move from stall to stall, checking out the local craftspeople with a Chiang Mai sausage in one hand and some pandan candy floss in the other. For the truly exotic, sample silkworms or a crunchy giant cricket.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 4 Homestay

Head to our homestay, a unique chance to learn about the food and people of the region. Meet Aoi, our gracious host, and tour the food markets, buying ingredients for this afternoon’s cooking class. Journey to Aoi’s home and get ready to cook up a feast – quite literally! Eleven dishes are featured on this traditional Khantohk menu, so roll up the sleeves and spend a fun afternoon learning the ins and outs of this northern Thailand cuisine. Cut, chop and sizzle the day away then tuck into dishes like northern style laab (spicy pork salad) and gai tod (fried chicken) while listening to local musicians sing through dinner.
ACCOM: Homestay - 1

Day 5 Chiang Mai

Chow down on delicious sticky rice before saying farewell to Aoi and returning to Chiang Mai where the journey ends.