I adore picadillo, the real Mexican chilli. It’s a succulent combination of pork, beef, nuts and dried fruit. I especially love it when it’s stuffed inside a smoked chilli from Oaxaca called the pasilla and deep-fried (it has to be tasted to be believed).

A simple quesadilla made with freshly ground and toasted corn and stuffed with the string cheese from Oaxaca and some fresh epazote is one of the purest eating experiences out there, especially when paired with a searingly hot salsa made with the chile de agua chilli.

A steaming cup of hot chocolate made with water, not milk, freshly roasted and ground cacao, ground almonds and cinnamon is a delicious way to start the day for a really bright, light pick-me-up.

A dark, rich, anise-studded mole from Xico in Veracruz

A bowl of soup made from a carefully tended stock, either a sopa de tortilla from Mexico City, a sopa de guias from Oaxaca or a pozole from Michoacan. Soups in Mexico are lovingly prepared with bundles of fresh herbs and vegetables and their flavours are wonderful.