Jordan & Israel Explorer Itinerary

Travel from the Jordanian capital, Amman, through the desert of Wadi Rum, the ancient temples of Petra and the holy city of Jerusalem to cosmopolitan Tel Aviv.

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Monastary, Petra


Day 1 Amman

Arrive in Amman, a vibrant modern city in the heart of Jordan. Consider visiting iconic Roman ruins, bustling markets or the busy boutiques that crowd the lively streets.
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Day 2 Aqaba

Journey to Aqaba, the seaside jewel of Jordan. Explore the town and port or visit the historic Mamluk-era fort, battled over by the legendary Ottoman Empire.
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Day 3 Wadi Rum

Push on towards Wadi Rum, or the ‘Valley of the Moon’. Travel across its stark yet captivating valleys in four-wheel drives , then jump aboard a camel and meander towards the cosy camp site for an evening under the stars.
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Days 4-5 Petra

Take the highway to Petra, a cultural icon and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Savour the sight of the Treasury, wander through the Siq, climb to the imposing Monastery and be completely bowled over by this breathtaking ancient city.
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Days 6-7 Amman

Return to Amman via the King’s Highway, marvelling at the ancient Shobak Castle and the mosaic of the Church of St George along the way. Plunge into the old Roman city of Jerash, admiring the ancient archways, theatres and baths, or dine at one of the quality restaurants that line the streets.
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Day 8 Amman to Jerusalem

Say goodbye to Jordan, crossing through no man’s to Israel, the Holy Land. Admire the incredible cliff-top fortress of Masada and learn the tale of the fearless Zealots who defended it against the Romans before seeing where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written and later found. Head to Jericho and take a walk through this ancient town, then continue to Jerusalem.
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Days 9-10 Jerusalem

Pass through St Stephen’s Gate into Jerusalem itself, another ancient city that is a revered World Heritage site. Visit the newly restored ‘Cardo’, or Jewish Quarter, wander through neighbourhoods old and new and visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ before taking a quick tour of the nearby village of Ein Kerem.
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Day 11 Tiberias

Travel through the fertile lands of the Jordan Valley to the holy city of Tiberias. Visit Yardenit, the place of Jesus’ baptism, before observing his ancient quarters in the settlement of Capernaum. Spend the night in a kibbutz.
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Days 12-13 Tel Aviv

Point your compass north and travel towards to the historical port of Acre. Admire the spectacular Baha’i Gardens and observe the classical remains of an aqueduct and theatre in Caesarea before concluding the trip in beachside Tel Aviv.
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