Top 12 Cambodia holiday reviews

Anyone who has experienced a holiday in Cambodia will attest to the fact that this is a country blessed with an exquisite spirit and charm, unlike anywhere else on earth. Although many travellers are initially drawn to Cambodia to see the monumental complex of Angkor temples, it is more than the World Heritage ruins that this country will captivate you with. A holiday in Cambodia is the chance to experience a culture defined by humility and kindness, and resilient in the face of a devastating history. The spirit of this remarkable country and its people will stay with you long after your Cambodia holiday has ended.  

Top reviews on Cambodia holidays

Cambodia has long been a favourite for all of us at Intrepid, and we guarantee that a holiday in Cambodia will captivate you with its charm. But don’t just take our word for it – read through some of the feedback that our travellers have passed on in their Cambodia holiday reviews.

Classic Cambodia , September 2016

Aileen Angus

Classic Cambodia , September 2016

Lee Porter

Angkor Trails , September 2016

Jennifer King

Angkor Trails , September 2016

Michael Chipperfield

Cambodian Traveller , September 2016

Sarah Carter

Classic Cambodia , September 2016

Shawn Murray

Angkor Trails , September 2016

Robert Douglas

Cambodia Adventure , September 2016

Alyssa Canaway

Cambodia Discovery , September 2016


Cambodian Traveller , August 2016

Lindsey Blair

Classic Cambodia , September 2016

Helen Halliwell

Real Food Adventure - Cambodia , September 2016

Glenys Orme


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