Sailing Tours

After the ultimate holiday that takes you out of the everyday and onto the high seas of adventure?

Look no further than our impressive range of Intrepid sailing trips. They’re the perfect way to mix relaxation, exploration and fun in some of Europe, Asia and the Caribbean’s most celebrated seaside destinations.



New itineraries for 2015

Cuba Sailing Adventure*, 9 days

Nestled off the south coast of Cuba, in the heart of the Carribean Sea, the Cannarreos Archipelago abounds in stunning natural beauty. Never heard of it? This archipelago is a true little known treasure. One of its easternmost islands, the dazzling Cayo Largo del Sur (better known simpy as Cayo Largo) boasts coral reefs of dazzling proportions. Don your snorkel and discover a thriving underwaterworld or go for a splash in crystal clear waters. Or simply stretch out on a flawless beach and soak up some Caribbean rays.

*This trip is not available for US citizens


  • • Discover the vibrant contrasts of Havana
  • • Wander cobbled laneways in timeworn Habana Viejo
  • • Bask on the white sands of breathtaking Cayo Largo
  • • Choose to visit Cayo Largo’s inspiring turtle sanctuary
  • • Snorkel in the marinelife-rich waters of Cayeria Los Majaes
  • • Say hello to the resident iguanas of Cayo RicoVisit the fishing village of Cayo Cantiles
  • • Indulge in delicious Cuban food at beachside restaurants

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Sail Cote D'Azur - Marseille to Nice*, 8 days

Sail from Marseille to Nice along France's gorgeous Cote d'Azur. Stop in at the beautiful islands of the Iles d'Hyeres Archipelago, the revered Saint Tropez, and film-loving Cannes and soak in sun, French culture and divine cuisine along the way..

*This trip is also available in reverse - View Sail Cote D'Azur - Nice to Marseille


  • • Explore the islands of Iles d'Hyeres Archipelago
  • • Discover the national park of Ile de Porquerolles
  • • Wander the celebrated streets of St-Tropez
  • • Visit the home of 'the man in the iron mask' - Ille St Marguerite
  • • Sip locally made wine in Ile St Honorat
  • • Celebrity spot in Cannes
  • • Indulge in divine French cuisine at every port

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Our Sailing tour destinations


Explore the coastal playgrounds of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean seas on a sailing adventure full of fun, relaxation and cultural gems. Drop anchor and dive into azure seas, explore medieval villages and towns, indulge in delectable cuisines, witness seaside cultures millennia old and discover some of the world’s most jaw-dropping scenery.


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We all know the waters of Asia are some of the most idyllic on earth – so why not discover this unparalleled area of the world from your very own yacht! Explore idyllic tropical islands, snorkel and swim among a rainbow of fish, laze on palm-fringed beaches, witness the most breathtaking sunsets you're ever likely to see and enjoy delectable dishes made on board by your own personal chef!

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The Caribbean

Island-hop this stunning tropical archipelago, basking and splashing every nautical mile of the way. Typically the reserve of the rich and famous, this tract of oceanic paradise is now open and awaiting the Intrepid explorer. Snorkel or hike around fascinating small islands, or simply relax with a concoction of rum and fruit juice while taking in the Caribbean sun.


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What makes our sailing tours unique...

• Experienced skippers: Our skippers have years of experience sailing the high seas and are a wealth of knowledge about the area you're in and everything sailing. 

• Best of both worlds: Our sailing adventures are a great mix of time spent exploring both in and on top of the water with plenty of time on land to see the sights.

• No sailing experience needed: If you'd like to learn the ropes then your skipper will show you how. If not, simply relax on deck and soak up the sun and gentle ocean breezes.

Your boat






What type of boats do you use?

We sail on monohull yachts in Europe and the Caribbean, and multihull catamarans in Thailand. The configuration of the boats is available in the trip notes.


Do I have to help sail the boat?

If you don’t want to lift a finger, then you don’t have to. But, on the other hand, if you’re keen to get involved, then there are always things to assist with under instruction from the skipper.

How much time is spent off the boat?

There is approx a 30/70 split between land-based and water-based activities, although much is dependent on the weather conditions. There are usually at least a few hours each day spent exploring ports, trekking the surrounding areas or relaxing on beaches. And depending on location, of course, the chance to wine and dine at the local hot-spots.


What are the arrival and departure times?

These will vary from trip to trip - check trip notes for the specific details. Please note that due to sailing being a heavily weather-dependent activity, sometimes itineraries may have to change. We would therefore recommend an additional night at the beginning and end of the trip to ensure nobody misses any onward flights.


What is the maximum group size?

Maximum capacity on our boats is 8 people.


Are any meals included?

Check trip notes for individual specifics but as a general rule, most meals are included on Thailand trips, whereas on Europe and Caribbean trips, you’ll contribute to a kitty, and some meals will be on land, giving you the perfect opportunity to try out the local tavernas and restaurants.

And what about alcoholic drinks?

You are welcome to drink on board - in fact, nothing enhances a sunset more than a gin and tonic - but alcohol is BYO (bring your own) and red wine isn't permitted due to staining. So make sure you get what you need before departure.

Who decides the rooming configuration?

The skipper will allocate rooms on arrival to the boat. Single travellers will be paired up with another passenger of the same sex, and this may mean sharing a double mattress.

Wait... what? What’s the deal with the sleeping arrangements?

Our most common question is about the room configuration. People are often hesitant about the idea of sharing a double mattress with another traveller of the same sex. Sailing boats tend to be very compact, and the close-quarters nature of this travel is part of the adventure. Sleeping quarters are designed to utilise the absolute minimum amount of space in order to keep the communal areas as big as possible. In practice, lots of passengers end up sleeping on deck, as it’s warm and there’s no air conditioning on a sailing boat.

Do the cabins have ensuites?

No. Bathroom facilities are shared. Fresh and hot water is available for showers, and toilets are either electronic or hand pump.

How much luggage should I take?

Due the size of the boats and the nature of a sailing trip, there is very limited space for storing luggage. So make sure you pack light, and only bring fabric/canvas luggage, otherwise you might have to eat your dinner off your big heavy suitcase…