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We’ve been running trips in South America for years and it’s a continent that’s easy to fall for – the cobbled barrios of Buenos Aires, Patagonia’s untamed glacier fields, the raw power of Iguazu Falls. There’s just been one hitch: getting there. Flying into South America, has always been a bit limited when it comes to your route. But now  another option has opened up. For the first time, our friends at Air New Zealand are launching direct flights from Auckland to Buenos Aires in Argentina from December ‘15. 
To celebrate this new service, we’re offering 10% OFF a great range of adventures in South America. All you have to do is book before 3 May and travel between 1 December 2015 and 31 March 2016 (a lovely time to visit). Yep, South America has never been easier. Viva direct flights!
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Great trips

USD $4,270
CAD $4,675
AUD $5,560
EUR €3,850
GBP £2,855
NZD $5,980
ZAR R51,240
CHF FR3,940
Trek through South America's Patagonia region on an overland trip to Chile and Argentina. Discover the beauty and...
USD $3,627
CAD $4,396
AUD $4,644
EUR €3,350
GBP £2,625
NZD $4,995
ZAR R59,215
CHF FR3,710
Encounter the highlights of Peru, witnessing Lima's attractions, flying over the Nazca Lines, taking a trip to Machu...
USD $2,695
CAD $3,276
AUD $3,460
EUR €2,495
GBP £1,960
NZD $3,721
ZAR R44,125
CHF FR2,765
Discover Peru's sacred land of the Incas. Visit Lima, the Amazon, Cuzco, Puno, Lake Titicaca, trek the Inca Trail and...
USD $2,473
CAD $2,703
AUD $2,894
EUR €2,006
GBP £1,483
NZD $3,115
ZAR R26,681
CHF FR2,052
Embark on an unforgettable journey through the amazing landscapes and captivating cities of Chile and Argentina. Tour...
USD $1,458
CAD $1,768
AUD $2,075
EUR €1,350
GBP £1,055
NZD $2,230
ZAR R23,810
CHF FR1,490
Visit South America and travel to Bolivia. Travel from La Paz to Sucre, visit the city of Potosi, tour Salar de Uyuni...
USD $2,464
CAD $2,726
AUD $3,220
EUR €2,222
GBP £1,647
NZD $3,463
ZAR R30,064
CHF FR2,284
Travel to the Galapagos Islands and see the unique Scalesia cloud forest, myriad birdlife of Isla Española and...
USD $3,718
CAD $4,094
AUD $4,383
EUR €3,026
GBP £2,245
NZD $4,714
ZAR R40,782
CHF FR3,108
Travel from Ecuador’s striking capital to the Galapagos Islands. Explore the archipelago’s rich history, dazzling...
USD $2,884
CAD $3,159
AUD $3,384
EUR €2,335
GBP £1,737
NZD $3,636
ZAR R31,185
CHF FR2,398
Experience the best of everything Argentina and Brazil have to offer on this fantastic, fast-paced tour of the South...
Travel from Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza on a journey jam-packed with dazzling beaches, lively cities and spectacular...
USD $3,501
CAD $3,978
AUD $4,645
EUR €3,155
GBP £2,405
NZD $5,085
ZAR R43,620
CHF FR3,220
Visit South America and travel to Patagonia to experience the 'W' Trek in Torres del Paine National Park. Experience...

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